Tango Your Way to Health and Beauty in Argentina

Argentina has become one of the most popular destinations around the world in the field of medical tourism. Buenos Aires is known not only for her beautiful theaters and art galleries, conference centers and museums, but as the ultimate destination for world travelers for relaxation. However, it’s also gained an excellent reputation for world-class healthcare, hospitals, and clinics in the world.

What Does Argentina Offer?
Facilities in Buenos Aires offer Americans and other world travelers a multitude of surgical treatments that include dental, cosmetic, gastric bypass, and plastic surgical procedures. Because of the strong conversion rate against the peso, traveling to Argentina to take advantage of their advanced healthcare system and highly skilled physicians and surgeons has become extremely popular. This goes for Americans flying south of the border as well as Asians and Europeans searching for the ultimate in medical tourism packages.

Medical tourism packages that cater to Americans and Europeans offer first-class medical treatments that are combine with the benefits of exotic tourism. Surgical procedures and treatments and Argentina caused 50 to 70% less than they do in the United States and throughout Europe. Such savings does not mean lack of quality, because surgeons in Argentina are world-class and board-certified. As a matter of fact, Argentina has some of the most technically advanced state-of-the-art equipment in the world.

Treatments Offered in Argentina
Treatments and services in plastic and reconstructive surgeries, fertility treatments, gastric bypass surgical procedures as well as dental care are available through affordable packages from medical tourism companies. One such company, GoSculptura, specializes in offering clients the best in medical care and opportunities to shop and sightsee. Taking advantage of the services that offer hotel accommodations, sightseeing expeditions, as well as medicals procedures in one easy-to-access package at more than reasonable costs.

Such packages include anesthesia services, operating room charges, and single to several night stays at local clinics, medications, surgeon’s fees, as well as pre-and postoperative consultations. The savings in cost alone has encouraged thousands of medical patients to travel to Argentina in growing numbers in recent years.

For example, a hospital in Argentina will charge $8,000 to $12,000 for a partial hip replacement. In the United States, the same surgical procedure will cost $16,000-$24,000.  In addition, Argentina is very well known for offering low-cost cosmetic surgeries for cosmetic procedures such as nose jobs, breast reconstruction, reduction and augmentation.

Finding the Right Surgeon for You
Medical tourists traveling to Argentina for any treatments or surgical procedures should make sure that their physicians are board-certified. Many international physicians and surgeons offering services in Argentina are members of American and International Medical Societies. Check with local and international medical governing boards for information on researching credentials.

Hospitals in major cities in Argentina, and most especially, Buenos Aires, also offer multiple types of surgical procedures that range from ultrasonic liposuction to gastric bypass to hip replacement surgical procedures. These procedures may often be offered at a 10th of what are charged by physicians and hospitals in the United States.

Benefits of Surgical Procedures Obtained in Argentina
Patients looking for lower-cost treatments in foreign hospitals may take advantage of lower overall cost in traveling to another country for surgical procedures rather than obtaining such services in the United States and Europe. In addition to saving money on the actual medical procedure, medical tourists may also benefit from sightseeing opportunities.

Imagine strolling the Bella Époque, or indulge in an Aqua Luna spa treatment at the Aqua Vita Medical Spa in Recoleta. Dance the tango at the El Querando in San Telmo, or enjoy a night of clubbing in Opera Bay. If relaxation and recuperation is what you’re looking for, take a walk and visit historic buildings along the Puerto Madero waterfront.

No matter where you decide to go or how you decide to spend your time in Buenos Aires, tourists may recuperate in exotic locations, and are assured of quality medical care, all at the same time.

Medical tourism is literally changing the face of the healthcare system worldwide. Information and advanced, state of the art medical procedure technology offer consumers a large number of benefits when traveling abroad for medical services.

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3 responses to “Tango Your Way to Health and Beauty in Argentina

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  3. The Harley Medical Group has reported that high flying men including politicians and business leaders are increasingly investing in cosmetic surgery and Botox as a means of safeguarding their careers particularly in light of the looming recession.

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