Latinos Returning Home for Affordable Healthcare

by Denise Wang | PlacidWay

Latinos from around the United States are returning home to seek affordable healthcare in their native countries such as Mexico, Central American countries like Costa Rica, Panama and other destinations in South America including Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina for a multitude of surgical procedures, including dental care, plastic and cosmetic surgeries, stem cell therapies and medical spa treatments.

According to the Latin American Medical Tourism and Health Congress, nearly 50 million Americans don’t have health insurance, and among them, almost 20 million are of Latin American heritage. Therefore, the availability and cost effectiveness of procuring medical care and treatments in Mexico, Central America and South America are offering all American citizens and travelers from countries such as Canada and throughout Europe some of the largest opportunities for healthcare in Latin American hospitals as well as clinics.

Quality of Care in Latin America
Medical tourism around the world is gaining attention. More countries are ensuring that services offered are certified and accredited by the United States as well as international accrediting organizations such as the JCI, and ISQA to ensure quality of care, the best in equipment and technology, and clean and state-of-the-art facilities and hospitals.

Medical travelers from the United States, Canada and other countries are traveling to Latin America for affordable medications, prescriptions, and treatments not available in the United States, including stem cell therapies and many alternative treatments that are nevertheless accepted and practiced around the world. The rising costs of healthcare and medical insurance in the United States is propelling more Americans, including Hispanics, to venture elsewhere for quality and experienced healthcare.

The Growing Popularity of Medical Tourism in Latin America
Medical tourism in Latin America includes medical destinations in exotic locales from beautiful Costa Rica and Panama to the best that Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil have to offer. Many hospitals in these locations meet international standards and are inspected and accredited by the Joint Commission International, the international branch of one of the leading medical facility accrediting organizations in the world.

Hospital and tourism packages offer consumers options in affordable dentistry, plastic and cosmetic surgery, obesity and weight loss treatments as well as LASIK eye care and are combined with the availability of a once-in-a-lifetime getaway vacation at an exotic destination, which are proving increasingly attractive ideas and options for Americans as well as other international travelers.

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