Show off That Beautiful Smile in Costa Rica

by PlacidWay | Wellness Dental Group

Costa Rica is the home of gorgeous landscapes, indoor and outdoor entertainment from coast to coast and some of the best medical care available in South America. Growing numbers of Americans and international travelers are venturing to South America for medical and dental care. One of the most popular facilities for cosmetic dentistry and dental care is the Wellness Dental Group, with offices located in beautiful San Jose and Jaco.

Costa Rica is growing a global medical tourist destination, thanks to its excellent and qualified medical services at affordable costsWellness Dental Groupoffers a multitude of dental treatments, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, compositional and porcelain crowns, the Zoom teeth whitening process, Dental implants, and treatments for jaw displacement, bite problems, and headaches caused by faulty jaw alignment. Finish the group’s capabilities of dealing with multiple stages of gum disease, and visitors to Wellness Dental Group will be extremely happy they ventured to Playa Jaco and San Jose.

“I can easily recommend this fine group of dentists,” says Bill Webb of Clearlake, California. “I’ve been traveling to Costa Rica for the last few years. I go to their clinic in a warm beach town of Jaco. Staff at Wellness Dental Groupare highly skilled and yet still have the personal touch with the small-town atmosphere – exactly what I was looking for.”

The Wellness Dental Group also benefits from the training and expertise of Dr. Delfin Barquero, who graduated in the University of Costa Rica in 2002, pursuing an advanced specialist degree in prosthodontics. An international lecturer, opinion leader for 3M ESPE, Dr. Barquero has studied porcelain and occlusion from Vita-Zahnfraik in Germany and implantology from the Tel Aviv University. As a teacher at the University of Costa Rica, Dr. Barquero also instructs postgraduate programs in prosthodontics.

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2 responses to “Show off That Beautiful Smile in Costa Rica

  1. The medical and dental care here is equal in professionalism to the U.S., but the caring and friendliness of the doctors, dentists, and their nurses and staff are far superior to any in the states…
    steve at the lake…

  2. I would love to share my Costa Rican experience with anybody and everybody! I have gone from a nervous, fearful “problem patient” to an extremely happy person with a beautiful new smile. I talk off anybody’s ear who has time to listen.

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