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Nigerians Seek International Healthcare Options

by Denise Wang

Nigerians continue to travel beyond borders for healthcare options not offered at home. Nigerians are not the only individuals to engage in such practices, as growing numbers of individuals who live in countries without access to medical treatment and healthcare options are venturing to destinations such as Southeast Asia, which provides a growing number of healthcare providers in the fields of orthopedics, cardiac care, obesity and bariatric surgical options, weight loss management and general health and surgical care.

While the healthcare system in Nigeria provides adequate care for many of its citizens, political as well as economic instability in the country has driven the availability of health care away from many of its citizens. Specialty health services, treatments and procedures not available in Nigeria are available in destinations such as India, Thailand, Singapore, or in locations found in Turkey and Croatia.

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Guatemalan Angels Still Flying High

by PlacidWay | Angels Abroad

Angels Abroad, located in Guatemala, Latin America continues to be one of the most popular medical facilities in Guatemala City, offering a variety of services to individuals seeking quality and effective care in a variety of medical fields and technologies.

Treatments Offered
Angels Abroad offers a variety of treatments, including:

  • Obesity surgery – lap band, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass
  • Orthopedic care – total knee replacements, hip replacement, knee arthroscopy, ACL repair and reconstruction, shoulder replacement and other joint procedures
  • Cosmetic/plastic surgery – breast augmentation and reduction, face lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, eyelid surgery, nose surgery, among others
  • Dentistry – crowns, root canal treatment, pediatric dental care, veneers, dental implants and prosthesis, and gum surgery
  • Fertility treatments and procedures
  • Cardiac care – heart valve replacement, diagnostic cardiac catheterization, heart bypass

Helping medical travelers plan their medical vacation, staff at Angels Abroadhelp provide travel arrangements and transparent information regarding doctors, surgeons, medical treatments, and clinic facilities. Angels Abroad also helps travelers obtain hotel accommodations, provides concierge and transportation services, a cell phone to contact the doctor, and transportation to and from appointments.

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Patient Walks Again: Jordan Hospital & Medical Center Continues History of Excellence

by PlacidWay | Denise Wang

Adijat suffered from years of low back pain, limiting movement, mobility, and her quality of life. Experiencing left thigh numbness, she also experienced incontinence and digestive issues.  Getting around proved increasingly difficult and pain was a constant reminder of her limitations. Adijat could no longer participate and engage in daily life, but was forced to watch the world go by from her wheelchair.

Seeking the best in neurosurgery care, Adijat accessed PlacidWay, an increasingly popular and growing international medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado from her home in the Nigeria to seek out solutions for her medical issues. After careful research, Adijat decided to venture to the Jordan Hospital & Medical Center in the hopes they could help her regain relief from pain and at least a modicum of mobility.
Adijat traveled to Jordan in a wheelchair and returned back home on her feet.

Commitment to Excellence at the Jordan Hospital & Medical Center
Hashem Irshaid, International Medical Tourism Marketing and Quality Consultant at the Jordan Hospital, was pleased, to say the least. “Jordan Hospital & Medical Center is a JCI accredited hospital compliant with the International Society for Quality and Healthcare and is ISO certified.  Our goal is to provide quality, excellent and experienced care in neural and cardiovascular surgical procedures, transplant procedures and reconstructive surgery in multiple fields.”

Adijat is just one of many who have passed through the doors of the Jordan Hospital & Medical Center for superlative care and effective treatments and procedures. After undergoing decompressive laminectomy, bilateral thoracic, lumbar screw fixation and lumbar vertebroplasty, Adijat was thrilled to find she could walk again and that her pain had considerably decreased.  After suffering for years, Adijat returned to her home in November 2009 on her own two feet.

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Foreign Travelers Flocking to Turkey

by PlacidWay

In recent years, Turkey has developed a booming medical tourism industry offering quality healthcare at affordable prices, made accessible to Western Europeans and most especially inhabitants of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan as well as surrounding neighbors in Albania and Armenia and Georgia. Medical facilities within Turkey offer major surgical procedures and treatments for great savings (and availability of services) found in these countries.

Travelers from Central Europe and Russia take advantage of cosmetic and dental procedures, laser surgeries, eye treatment and cardio vascular research and health facilities in a country striving to take its place in the world economy and in the field of medical research and health care. Central locations such as Istanbul, Izmir and Kusadasi offer quality medical care for a multitude of treatments and procedures and offer higher quality service in modern and relaxed atmospheres.

With state of the art facilities, equipment and expertise, Turkey is building a medical tourism industry that attracts patients to Turkish clinics and some of the finest hospitals in Turkey, including the Florence Nightingale Hospital, internationally recognized for its outstanding orthopedics and vascular disease treatments. Fields of oncology and plastic surgery as well as the daVinci method of robotic heart and prostate surgeries are attracting world-wide attention to the growing reputation surrounding Turkey for the best service that still beats medical or health costs from throughout Europe and North America.

Turkey as a medical destination offer travelers from Russia, Middle Eastern and South African countries such as Nigeria, Egypt, and Iran and the “ikistan” countries quality healthcare that can’t be received at home. Turkmenistan has developed a five billion dollar medical health tourism project to create, grow and develop a unique center for health tourism including tourism facilities and accommodations, health centers, medical spas, and clinics to care for the influx of medical travelers seeking affordable, accessible, and quality care in a multitude of fields.

PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal, is dedicated to providing knowledge on the variety of medical treatments and procedures to be found in Turkey, as well as spread growing awareness on the excellent, accredited and certified training and experience of Turkish doctors, clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities.

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A Comprehensive Orthopaedic Treatment Program

Are you Suffering from Spinal Compression?
Are you looking for Top Orthopedic Care?

Artemis Orthopaedics Institute has solution to all!!!!

Artemis provides comprehensive care for all Orthopaedic problems through its state-of-the-art facility, the Artemis Orthopaedics Institute. Artemis -one of the best hospital for joint replacements is an integrated centre for providing diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation to patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, injuries and in need of orthopaedic care or joint replacements.

The centre has a well qualified and widely experienced Orthopaedics team with expertise in Joint reconstruction and latest Arthroscopic Procedures. It offers treatment procedures, pre-operative and post-operative care measures devised to provide maximum comfort and convenience to the patients. The centre also has an in-built special rehabilitation facility to ensure better care and prompt relief to the patients.

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Free Cleft Lip and Palate Surgeries at Global Medical Barbados

by Global Medical Barbados | PlacidWay

(08/24/09) Barbados – Global Medical Barbados, providing International Medical Services that save clients up to 75% on elective surgeries offers free reconstructive surgery for American, British, and Canadian children as well as those living in the Caribbean with cleft lips, palettes, and noses.

Surgical care is available through the Charitable Foundation of Global Medical Barbados. Says Mr. Grafton Marshall, Chairman of the Global Medical Group, “We offer specialists in craniofacial surgery and are pleased to offer children from the United States, Canada and Britain free reconstructive surgery for cleft lips, palettes and noses. We realize that many needy children suffer from lack of funds or insurance coverage and offer this program under the organization’s charitable foundation to cover the cost of surgery, accommodations and meals for the child and parents, as well as air travel in a private jet.”

Primary services of Global Medical Barbados offer orthopedic, cosmetic and plastic surgeries, cardiac care, dental surgery, and health and wellness, anti aging and spa treatments. Global Medical Barbados recently partnered with PlacidWay, a growing medical tourism portal based in Colorado.

“We are pleased to announce our growing relationship and partnership with Global Medical Barbados and to welcome them into our health provider network,” says Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay. “Their dedication to the health and needs of children is especially welcome, as is Global Medical Barbados Group’s 24-hour medical healthcare plan, convenient transportation and pick up from dedicated airport terminals near any major airport in a private jet. Offering, accessing and taking advantage of affordable health care for individuals around the world has never been easier.”

Cleft Lip Surgery, No Cost
A cleft lip, palate or nose is a congenital birth defect that occurs when the upper lip and tissues that form the roof of the mouth don’t develop or close properly. Some children are born with a minor groove in the upper lip while others experience a gaping opening in the lip, the roof of the mouth and even the nasal cavities. Many children born with the defect experience eating or talking difficulties, accompanied with the embarrassment and self-consciousness that these types of defects cause in appearance. Global Medical Barbados makes additional information regarding the free cleft lip, palate and nose reconstructive surgeries and services available on request. 

The Global Medical Group located in Barbados is the ultimate getaway for International Medical Services. Whether seeking for a breast lift, knee surgery or heart surgery in Barbados, physicians and staff at the Global Medical Group are prepared to meet such needs.

Global Medical Group offers services and perks unmatched by other medical facilities in the region including:

  • Private jet and dedicated terminal pick up from anywhere near a major airport in the United States, Canada, and Britain
  • A minimum of 3.5 to 4-star hotel accommodations, meals included
  • One year free consultation access to your physician
  • A ‘Companion Flies Free’ offer

The affordable prices offered by the Global Medical Group include private jet service, accommodations and meals as well as initial consultation, procedure and surgery costs, pre-op, post-op and follow-up care.

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Medical Poland : World-class affordable medical tourism

Welcome to Medical Poland!
Our company is one of the first to enter the European Union market in highly specialized medical tourism service. We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of professional medical services that follow the highest quality standards set by  European Union law. We are founded on the prinicples of professionalism, safety and most importantly – patients satisfaction. Our standard for services is a part of our commitment to patients and  foucses on having the best: the latest hi-tech equipment, highly skilled medical personnel and courteous administrative staff.

Our offer includes complex surgeries as follows:

Cardiac Surgery, e.g.

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)
  • Heart Valve Replacement and many others


  • Vagal Nerve Stimulation
  • Spinal Fusion and many others


  • Endoprostheses
  • Knee Replacement and many others

Cosmetic Surgery, e.g.

  • Breast enlargement
  • Nose, Ear correction
  • Face Lift

Dental Surgery, e.g.

  • implants
  • veneers
  • crowns

Medical Tourism combines medical service with tourist attractions at an affordable price. Providing the best medical care in the most comfortable conditions is the focal point of Medical-Poland. Each client is treated with utmost care  and duty by our team of English speaking specialists making your stay the most pleasant you may ever experience.

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Acibadem Healthcare Group : Healthy Growth in Healthcare

Turkey’s leading healthcare institution, Acibadem, operates with over 6.500 employees in 21 different location through a network of

  • 6 General Hospitals
  • Medical Centers
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • 1 Ophthalmology Center
  • Laboratories
  • And alot more..

Besides its partnership with one of the most important hospitals of Istanbul International Hospital and International Etiler Outpatient Clinic, Acibadem expans its “healthcare chain” continuously outside of Istanbul with Adana,Kayseri,Eskisehir and Bodrum Hospitals and in Istanbul with Maslak and Besiktas (Fulya) Hospitals.

The International Patient Center of Acibadem Healthcare Group
Provides complete services for patients visiting the hospital from countries outside Turkey. International Patient Center staff at Acibadem Healthcare Group meets the needs and expectations of international patients within 48 hours of their request by acknowledging them on the treatment plan, length of stay, average package pricing that includes all medical, social and accommodation costs.

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Almater Hospital : Commited to excellence!!!

Almater Hospital is a first class private hospital that was built in 1985. In its years of existence, has been characterized by a constant growth. Currently, Almater has 35 rooms and has plans for further expansion in the near future. Our office will have an interpreter for you and my public relations staff will be in touch with you all the time.

We have an ever-growing commitment to serve patients from within the state and abroad… we continue to reinforce better personnel, more advanced technology and superior facilities to best responds to the medical needs of the people.

Our mission
To be a medical institution in constant search of excellence, aiming all our efforts to the satisfaction of the surgical and medical needs, with a comprehensive, high-quality and professional service.

Our vision
To be a model specialty hospital in the field, with leadership that promotes participative management and guides its personnel and the organization towards growth and development, to service all economic sectors due to its capacity to offer medical solutions with a high level of quality in its services.

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Artemis Health Institute : “The art of Healthcare”

Welcome to Artemis Health

India, an international frontrunner in the healthcare sector, has emerged as a preferred destination for quality medical treatment attracting patients worldwide. Given this advantage, Artemis has focused its efforts towards being a world-class hospital that exceeds the expectations of its international patients.

With highly advanced medical infrastructure, broad knowledge base, medical expertise and extensive integration, Artemis Health Institute makes an ideal partner for international patients seeking a more affordable treatment away from their homes. The hospital offers globally benchmarked healthcare services administered by surgeons and physicians trained in international medical practices. These services include advanced cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, orthopaedics and joint replacement surgery, Bariatric & Minimally Invasive Surgery, Cosmetology, Oncology and Neurology amongst others.

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