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Focusing on Women at Adiva

by PlacidWay | Adiva

Adiva Healthcare is a part of the “Mother’s Pride Group” which owns and manages 38 branches of pre schools along with 6 senior secondary schools. Adiva has its main branch in an excellent location with state-of-the-art infrastructure in New Delhi to caters to all needs of women and to celebrate womanhood.

ADIVA hospitals not only specialize in women’s healthcare, but celebrate womanhood. Adiva is a complete mother and child care hospital which comprises of IVF, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Neonatology. ADIVA also has significant presence in the field of Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery to further beautify your outlook and personality.

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Nothing but Smiles at All Smiles Dental Clinic

by PlacidWay | All Smiles Dental Clinic
All smiles Dental offers affordable advanced dentistry in Bangalore, India. A super specialty dental center, the facility offers both routine and advanced dental treatments. From smile designing to veneers and dental implants, international dental tourists can save up to 70% on dental treatments and procedures at all smiles.
Some of the most common treatments at all smiles include but are not limited to:
  • Root canal treatments
  • The  veneers and crowns
  • Teeth whitening
  • Gum care
  • Tooth replacements with implants or bridges

by PlacidWay | All Smiles Dental Clinic All smiles Dental offers affordable advanced dentistry in Bangalore, India. A super specialty dental center, the facility offers both routine and advanced dental treatments. From smile designing to veneers and dental implants, international dental tourists can save up to 70% on dental treatments and procedures at all smiles.

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Canadians value medical travel for Knee replacement

y Madras Joint Replacement Center

A Canadian footballer Mr. Gerald Dempsey from Newfoundland traveled to Indian surgeon Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam for his special Oxinium Journey knee replacement.  He is very happy to get a quick fire surgical solution within a month of inquiry. His surgery was performed at the Madras Joint replacement center’s associated hospital by orthopedic surgeon Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam of international repute. Mr.Dempsey was forced into pre mature retirement when the paper mill that he worked for in New found land closed down.

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Madras Joint Replacement Center: Where Boomers Are Going For Knee Surgery

by PlacidWay | Madras Joint Replacement Center

As we grow older, we sometimes forget that our body isn’t as strong as our spirit. We enthusiastically agree to a game of hoops with our friends, some mogul-hopping or off-road biking, or we decide to start jogging again. Unfortunately, in many cases, older individuals (that new generation called Baby Boomers), end up with injured knee joints instead. This isn’t to say that boomers should sit in a chair and watch TV all day. Quite the contrary they may enjoy restored movement, range of motion and function through a variety of knee surgical procedures that will get you back on your feet without breaking the bank.

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Memorial Sloan-Kettering Selects Artemis as Affiliate for India


Leading US cancer center enters partnership with Gurgaon based Artemis Health Institute
Gurgaon, India (Syndacast), 1 October 2009 — Artemis Health Institute has entered into a partnership with New York-based Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), one of the world’s most renowned cancer centers. The partnership will focus on three core areas — clinical care, research and training.

Already a leading center for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in India, the partnership with MSKCC enables Artemis Health Institute (AHI) to provide Indian patients with access to the latest protocols in cancer care, and provides MSKCC with platform to enter the Indian market. Early efforts will center on physician exchanges, joint research on clinical trials and an international cancer symposium in Gurgaon early next year.

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Nigerians Seek International Healthcare Options

by Denise Wang

Nigerians continue to travel beyond borders for healthcare options not offered at home. Nigerians are not the only individuals to engage in such practices, as growing numbers of individuals who live in countries without access to medical treatment and healthcare options are venturing to destinations such as Southeast Asia, which provides a growing number of healthcare providers in the fields of orthopedics, cardiac care, obesity and bariatric surgical options, weight loss management and general health and surgical care.

While the healthcare system in Nigeria provides adequate care for many of its citizens, political as well as economic instability in the country has driven the availability of health care away from many of its citizens. Specialty health services, treatments and procedures not available in Nigeria are available in destinations such as India, Thailand, Singapore, or in locations found in Turkey and Croatia.

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Case of Psychological Blocks Causing Infertility

by Dr. Prakash Shah | Roshni Poly Clinic
Pradeep 36 years was post graduate in commerce and stenographer working in one multinational company, coming from low socioeconomic class. His father was local municipal worker and had mother and two younger sister in family. Since his college days Pradeep had to do part time job to support family. Pradeep was Good looking, handsome, with pleasing personality, very hard working, sincere, honest and meticulous. From start of his multinational company job he was liked by his colleague and officers.

To assist his officer he was visiting his house often and then was helping officer’s family in their household work and purchase of grocery. Officers has only daughter – Versha – 22 years. Pradeep used to assist her in study and was dropping and picking up for her college occasionally. Slowly they developed love and with resentment, parents gave consent to marriage. Marriage was done with grand ceremony. When they married Pradeep was 30 and Versha was 26. As Pradeep was from lower socioeconomic class and Versha was only daughter, Pradeep was now staying at in-law’s place. Both Pradeep and Versha were caring much for each other and Pradeep never used to displease Versha on any issues.

They was brought to me by Pradeep’s mother in law that after 6 years of marriage (Pradeep was 36 and  Versha was 32) for treatment of infertility. I saw they were investigated and treated by various infertility specialists, exhaustively for infertility. All infertility investigation was normal and was treated on different protocols – but no result.

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Nigerians Venture to India for Healthcare

by PlacidWay

Middle-class Nigerians are venturing beyond African borders for affordable and quality healthcare services in destinations such as India, where family members may benefit from excellent, quality, and affordable treatments in a multitude of medical fields, including eye care, dental care, wellness programs, alternative treatments, cancer therapies, orthopedic surgical procedures, cardiac care, and chronic illness treatments.

It has long been known that the overall healthcare system in Nigeria has suffered in recent years caused by social and economic difficulties. Millions of Nigerians are seeking more adequate medical care or health care systems to treat infants, children or adults for a multitude of illnesses and disease processes, and they’re looking outside their own borders to do so.

Medical Travel for Nigerians Points to India
Health care services are extremely limited in this poor African country, leaving millions of families burdened by staggering costs of medical or healthcare, costs that prevent many from seeking any healthcare services whatsoever. Finding adequate and quality healthcare is also extremely difficult, and substandard products in technology and healthcare services adds to the burden. Because of such, Nigerians are looking for quality and affordable healthcare elsewhere.

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A Comprehensive Orthopaedic Treatment Program

Are you Suffering from Spinal Compression?
Are you looking for Top Orthopedic Care?

Artemis Orthopaedics Institute has solution to all!!!!

Artemis provides comprehensive care for all Orthopaedic problems through its state-of-the-art facility, the Artemis Orthopaedics Institute. Artemis -one of the best hospital for joint replacements is an integrated centre for providing diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation to patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, injuries and in need of orthopaedic care or joint replacements.

The centre has a well qualified and widely experienced Orthopaedics team with expertise in Joint reconstruction and latest Arthroscopic Procedures. It offers treatment procedures, pre-operative and post-operative care measures devised to provide maximum comfort and convenience to the patients. The centre also has an in-built special rehabilitation facility to ensure better care and prompt relief to the patients.

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Cancer Treatment Abroad

Cancer Treatments Overview
Cancer can strike any gender or age group. Depending on the cancer type, various cancer treatments may be initiated in an effort to eradicate or kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy treatment, radiotherapy treatment, and breast cancer surgery are the most common types of treatments that battle multiple forms of cancer. However, cancer treatments vary according to the stage of cancer is discovered, as well as location and overall health of the patient. Cancer staging is typically defined as Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4, ranging from early and localized to those that have spread throughout the body.

Cancer Treatments
Depending on the cancer types discovered, physicians will determine which options or alternative cancer treatments are best in every situation.  In some cases, a patient may have a choice of procedures or treatments, while other times, they will not. Certain factors will determine which treatment will provide optimal results, including what type of cancer tumor, what organs or tissues are affected, as well as what stage of cancer is in. The earlier the stage of cancer treatment development, the better for treatment prognosis. Overall health and age may also factor in to cancer treatment plans.

Chemotherapy involves the use of medications to attack and kill cancer cells. Many people experience side effects such as hair loss, nausea, and weight loss with chemotherapy treatment. However, new advancements in medications have helped to reduce many of the side effects formerly associated with chemotherapy radiotherapy. This type of treatment is used when cancer has metastasized, or spread to other areas within the body. In many cases, it is used in conjunction with cancer surgery and radiation therapy treatment. In most cases, chemotherapy radiotherapy will be initiated after surgery of cancer has removed the cancer tumor or tissues from the body.

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