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Where Healthy Smiles Reborn: Destination Turkey

by CTG HealthCare

CTG named Best Dental Clinic in Turkey by Overseas Living Magazine in UK

Imagine a place where you can regain your beautiful smile with less cost, but in a more comprehensive way.  No waiting lists, low prices, high tech facilities, warm staff and a clinic that makes you feel good at abroad. CTG HEALTHCARE Dental Clinic – awarded with “Best Dental Clinic 2009” by Overseas Living Magazine, is the place that definitely suits for you!

In 21st century, medical tourism has fastened it’s pace, especially in Turkey. This is of course undeniable when we consider how expensive dental treatments cost in UK, whereas these can cost you 70 percent less in Turkey. As a newly established clinic with state-of-art technologies, CTG HEALTHCARE  Dental Clinic is the pioneer clinic that helps British or any foreinger patients to receive their treatments in Turkey.

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New Doc Arrives at Perfection

by PlacidWay | Perfection Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery

Perfection Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery Center, located in beautiful Cancun, Mexico, has added the expertise and vibrant personality of a new doctor to their staff.  Dr. Marco Antonio Carmona is joining the number of experienced and highly educated cosmetic surgeons who offer competitive and excellent medical and cosmetic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgical techniques and methodologies in Cancun.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Cancun offers not only restful playgrounds, pristine beaches, warm gulf waters and inland adventures, but some of the best cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures and facilities in the world.

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Da Vinci Robotic Surgery in Turkey

by PlacidWay | Group Florence Nightingale
Understanding da Vinci Robotic Surgery
Da Vinci surgery is a type of robotic surgery of that enables less invasive and more precise surgical techniques and procedures in a number of medical fields. Among one of the most recent innovative surgical technologies, da Vinci robotic surgery offers surgeons more options for minimally invasive as well as complex and complicated surgical procedures. Da Vinci surgery is an option in a variety of medical surgical fields, including:
  • General surgery – colorectal cancer or bariatric surgical procedures
  • Cardiovascular surgery – robotic coronary artery bypass or mitral valve repair
  • Urology – radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer, partial or nephrectomy, kidney stone, and bladder surgical procedures
De Vinci robotic surgical procedures have been available for about five years and the technology successfully utilized in thousands of procedures in facilities around the globe, with clinical publications throughout the world lauding its efficacy and safety.
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Giving You a Healthy Smile at Izmir Dental Clinic

by PlacidWay | Izmir Dental Clinic

Izmir Dental Clinic, located in Izmir, Turkey offers a full range of cosmetic and traditional dental care in Central Europe. With over two decades of experience, staff at Izmir Dental Clinic provides a wide range of treatments for dental and oral diseases in addition to offering both cosmetic and aesthetic dental treatments for international travelers.

Clinic staff take pride in their ability to offer affordable dental services to global visitors and its own citizens, assisting patients in all aspects of their dental care, including accommodations, travel arrangements, and transparency and cost of treatment estimates to foreign patients. Izmir Dental Clinic also enjoys agreements with a large range of international dental insurance companies, making them a rational, affordable, and effective source of care for all dental needs.

Izmir Dental Clinic Treatments
In addition to providing a wide range of dental care services, Izmir Dental Clinic offers all patients a complete dental checkup, complete with panoramic x- rays, teeth cleaning, dental examination, prognosis and treatment plans.

Some of the most common treatments provided at the clinic include:

  • Dental bridge implants
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dentures
  • Cosmetic dentistry procedures
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