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Stem Cell Treatment of COPD by Dr. Omar Gonzalez

Do you have difficulty breathing? Have you been diagnosed with COPD, emphysema or any other form of lung disease or damage? If you’ve had problems finding the right treatment for your condition, or previous treatments have not offered relief, consider your options. Dr. Gonzalez of Integra Medical Center offers over 10 years of experience treating chronic illnesses such as COPD with stem cell therapies.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease | COPD
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD for short, makes it difficult to breathe. Dr. Omar Gonzalez utilizes human placental stem cell therapies to treat lung diseases, including:
  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Emphysema
  • COPD
  • Lung damage caused by tuberculosis

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Progencell Stem Cell Therapy Aides Doctor Diagnosed with Parkinsons

by PlacidWay | Progencell

When Dr. José Luis Salgado Ruiz was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease nearly six years ago, he thought his career and his future were over. Parkinson’s Disease, also known as PD, is a neurodegenerative condition that affects the central nervous system. The condition causes tremors, slowed movement, as well as a decrease in motor skills, speech, and daily living skills and activities such as buttoning clothes, tying shoes, cooking, writing, and range of motion and mobility.

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The Stem Cells for Cerebral Palsy , Mission Viejo, Tijuana , Mexico

The Stem Cells for Cerebral Palsy

The stem cells we use are a  special type called CD34+CD133+  that we have been used for the successful treatment (80%+) of over 700 children  that suffered from cerebral palsy over the last 10 years. The CD34+CD133+ stem cells have a special predililection to migrate into and to fix white matter brain damage. Thus if the child has periventricular leukomalacia or evidence of a prior stroke or ischemic damage they will in most cases have a successful outcome.

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Giving You a Healthy Smile at Izmir Dental Clinic

by PlacidWay | Izmir Dental Clinic

Izmir Dental Clinic, located in Izmir, Turkey offers a full range of cosmetic and traditional dental care in Central Europe. With over two decades of experience, staff at Izmir Dental Clinic provides a wide range of treatments for dental and oral diseases in addition to offering both cosmetic and aesthetic dental treatments for international travelers.

Clinic staff take pride in their ability to offer affordable dental services to global visitors and its own citizens, assisting patients in all aspects of their dental care, including accommodations, travel arrangements, and transparency and cost of treatment estimates to foreign patients. Izmir Dental Clinic also enjoys agreements with a large range of international dental insurance companies, making them a rational, affordable, and effective source of care for all dental needs.

Izmir Dental Clinic Treatments
In addition to providing a wide range of dental care services, Izmir Dental Clinic offers all patients a complete dental checkup, complete with panoramic x- rays, teeth cleaning, dental examination, prognosis and treatment plans.

Some of the most common treatments provided at the clinic include:

  • Dental bridge implants
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dentures
  • Cosmetic dentistry procedures
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Dr. Omar Gonzalez | Integra Medical Center

Dr. Omar Gonzalez specializes in placenta stem cell therapies that utilize a multidisciplinary approach to medicine. His office, Integra Medical Center, based in Nuevo Progreso, Tamps, Mexico, offers a path to healthier futures for thousands of individuals around the world seeking effective stem cell treatments and therapies not yet available in the United States. Patients who have been rejected or banded by “mainstream medicine” may count on Dr. Gonzalez’s commitment  to maintain and optimize their health.

Placenta Stem Cell Therapy
Placenta stem cell therapy is a type of adult stem cell therapy that utilizes the placenta, or afterbirth of a woman who has undergone the child birthing process. Specializing in placenta stem cell therapy and degenerative diseases, Dr. Gonzalez is a leader in the field of stem cell treatments for chronic fatigue, insomnia, stress and anxiety, autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus and diabetes, kidney disorders, muscular dystrophy,  as well as chronic infections and fatigue, tuberculosis, AIDS, Hepatitis C, and a particular treatment just for anti-aging.

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Stem Cell MD

Dr. Steenblock is Founder and Director of Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic. He has devoted many years to research in the fields of biochemistry, pathology, nerve and muscle physiology, cardiovascular disease and other diseases of aging. He has also written numerous scientific articles and is a contributing editor to several national consumer health magazines.

Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic provides a Comprehensive Neuro-Rehab Program utilizing

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • Pulsed Magnetic Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • External Counterpulsation
  • Nutritional / Metabolic Therapies.

Where brain damage is located determines which nerves, muscles, organs and tissues will be affected. But we are also a “brain and body” therapeutics medical clinic, treating the whole person, striving to find the underlying cause of your disease, then addressing it with safe, non-invasive, effective therapies backed by scientific and clinical proof.

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Autologous Neural Stem Cells Benefit Parkinson’s Patients

by PlacidWay

Stem cells and stem cell research have long been studied to help provide relief of symptoms and potential cures for neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. The use of adult stem cell therapy has grown in popularity, surpassing even traditional embryonic stem cell research methodology is. Autologous stem cells are those harvested from individual patients suffering from a disease process such as Parkinson’s, which do not carry with them the risk of rejection, as do organs or cells transplanted from other individuals into that patient.

Stem Cell Treatment Studies
Adult stem cells are known as undifferentiated or multipotent cells capable of producing different blood cells. That means that they haven’t specifically developed or grown into a specific type of tissue or organ. Adult stem cells can renew themselves and grow into become just about any type of specialized cell, tissue or organ tissue.

Neural stem cells are multipotent cells that self-renew or self generate. Neural stem cells that may be generated from a patient’s own bone marrow or nerve tissues may be used to treat a variety of traumatic brain injuries, damage caused by strokes, or neuro-genetic disease processes such as those commonly found in Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease patients.

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Medical Tourism in Mexico: Cross-Border Options

by PlacidWay
Medical tourism is being taken seriously these days, as is evidenced by the massive numbers of individuals traveling across borders to seek quality, safe and effective medical care and treatment. In the past, medical tourism was considered a risky business, but in the early years of the 21st century, has grown into a world-class, certified and accredited option for many medical consumers.

Rising health care costs in Canada and the United States have prompted individuals to travel across the southern border of the U.S. intp Mexico to enjoy and reap the benefits of experienced, educated and world-class surgeons, procedures and technologies.

What Can You Get in Mexico?
Medical tourism in Mexico offers individuals treatments in nearly every medical field, from cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures to the latest in dental technologies, obesity and weight loss treatments and procedures, to stem cell research to cancer therapies.

Mexico has become one of the most popular medical tourist destinations for many Americans and Canadians, long boasting a reputation for providing a wealth of services at half the cost in other countries such as dental care, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, hip replacement and more, and medical travelers can anticipate saving up to 50% on medical procedure costs in Mexico without the lengthy wait times for appointments or surgery elsewhere.

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Advancements in Stem Cell Research and Multiple Sclerosis Treatments

by PlacidWay
Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the immune system that affects the central nervous system, or brain and spinal cord. A form of auto-immune disease, the disease damages the nerves and may affect separate or multiple parts of the body, causing pain and severe limitation to movement, ability, and quality of life.

The disease causes damage and destruction to the protective covering (myelin sheath) that surrounds nerve cells. Damage to the myelin sheath severely slows or interrupts nerve impulses, causing intense pain and inability to control movement. Individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis experience episodes of inflammation that cause the body’s immune cells to attack the nervous system.

Stem cell research and technology has searched for ways to minimize symptoms, flair-ups, and damage caused to the nerves by multiple sclerosis in countries around the world.

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Promoting Anti Aging Stem Cell Research and Development

by PlacidWay

The search for eternal youth and beauty has reached back thousands of years and is likely to continue. In the past, cosmetic companies have looked to plants and flowers as the basis for a variety of cosmetic products. In recent years, cosmetic and plastic surgeons have relied on surgical techniques to slow and reverse the aging process – for a time. However, the future holds unknown opportunities in anti-aging technologies because the development of stem cell research in anti-aging techniques and procedures.

The two most common types of stem cell research involved in anti-aging technologies include adult stem cell and embryonic stem cell research.

Leading Technologies in Stem Cell Research
Regenerative therapies are at the forefront of stem cell studies in the field of anti-aging research. This type of research utilizes advanced cellular therapy methodologies to replace damaged or dying cells, which accelerate the aging process. These cell therapies rely on the transplantation of healthy and vibrant cells that have been isolated and multiplied in an environment outside the body. They are then injected into the body or skin, depending on need, to supply a healthy source of new cellular growth.

Pre-engineered adult stem cells are often utilized in such research, as well as research into other fields of biomedical technology including cardiac care. Adult stem cell therapy utilizes a patient’s own stem cells harvested through a typical blood draw. These cells are then sent to laboratories where they are cultivated and multiplied. Patients receive injections of the new cell growth about a week later. The injected adult stem cells then stimulate the regrowth of tissues and cellular structures throughout the body or in specific areas where they are injected.

Therapeutic cloning involves the nuclear transfer of somatic stem cells. This technique is often used with skin cells and is commonly used to treat a variety of skin disorders. This technology utilizes a type of skin cell development where stem cells are extracted and transferred to grow in small sections of human tissue or even entire organs for eventual transplant. Therapeutic cloning was first accomplished in 2001. The process relies on DNA as the basis of collection for cellular information and structure. Therapeutic cloning may utilize the DNA donated by a specific person, enabling cells to grow and multiply before being re-injected back into the body.

This type of technology is often used to create new skin grafts for burn patients or to treat a variety of skin diseases, though it has also been used in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease treatments as well as for diabetes patients.

Who Benefits From Anti Aging Stem Cell Treatments?
Stem cell treatments designed to reduce or slow the visible signs of the aging process may very well be the wave of the future. Today, more patients seek minimally invasive procedures to repair skin damage caused by aging, and patients may benefit from future noninvasive treatments and technologies to deal with the aging process. Individuals with skin conditions or those suffering from skin damage and those who lack confidence or self esteem caused by the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles, or age spots may very well benefit from such technologies in both their professional and personal environments.

What Do Stem Cell Treatments Cost?
Stem cell treatments and technologies are still considered to be in their infancy. While such treatments are offered in a variety of medical fields today, specific anti-aging stem cell treatments with proven results are still on the horizon. To date, stem cell treatments and therapies are not available in the United States, but may be found in various locations around the world, from Mexico to Germany to Japan. In some cases, stem cell treatments and therapies may cost as much as $10,000 or more. Time will tell where stem cell research will take those seeking the elusive fountain of youth, and if found, if it is affordable.

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