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Welcome to Argentina!

Welcome to Argentina!

Argentina is a beautiful country in South America significantly influenced by European styles of architecture. Buenos Aires, its capital, is not only considered to be the most European city in all of South America, but its people are also greatly of European heritage. With its profound impact on literature and the arts, Argentina is not only a destination where visitors can see beautiful sights, but also to enjoy the cultural impact it has on the world.

Argentina in a Snapshot

  • Currency: Peso
  • Language: Spanish
  • Climate: Average summer temperatures: 45-60°F ; average winter temperatures: 70-80°F
  • Capital: Buenos Aires

A profoundly developed country in South America, half of Argentina’s population lives in her ten largest metro cities. Over 12 million people live in Buenos Aires and surrounding provinces, making it one of the largest urbanized areas in the world. Because of a heavy European influence, culture plays a big part in the Argentinean way of life.

Argentina is the home of many famous individuals, one of the most famous being Jorge Luis Borges, one of the twentieth century’s most critically acclaimed writers. From Argentina have come many notable poets, writers and intellectuals who have made an impact around the world.

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Medical Tourism in Switzerland and Croatia

by Denise

PlacidWay recently added two new medical tourism destinations centers to their database; the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland, and Terme Selce, located in Croatia. One of the leading and most popular health spas and golf resorts in Switzerland, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz offers expert and quality care in fields such as sports medicine, obesity and nutrition, rheumatology, mental health, beauty and radiology. Over 70 staff members include specialists, consultants, and therapists, all certified and accredited in order to provide quality patient care and technologies.

Switzerland is one of the most gorgeous and luxurious of destinations, not only for many Europeans, but Americans and other international travelers. Offering the best in medical technology and state-of-the-art facilities such as Bad Ragaz, Switzerland is growing to be one of the most popular medical destinations around the globe in the decade.

Facilities in Croatia such as Terme Selce are also growing in popularity, especially with those such as Terme Selce, a high-tech facility that offers physical therapy, restorative care and rehabilitative care, stress management, and sports programs including prevention, diagnostics and therapies.

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