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Lovely at 40 – VASER Liposuction helps actress get back in shape

by Roura DermSurgery

Gineb Macalinao was given the screen name Lovely Rivero because of her beautiful face. In the 1980’s, she was considered a very promising young star. But when she turned 17, lovely married a businessman  and declared herself semi-retired from showbusiness.

Over 20 years later and at the age of 40, Lovely says she is in a good place. Seperated amicably from her husband and with two adult children, she works fultime in her ex’s business and still dabbles in showbusiness although not on a fulltime basis.

Best of all, the lovely Lovely is slim and svelte after reaching a nightmarish weight of 145 pounds last year.

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A Lovelier Lovely Rivero – How VASER transformed my life

by Robbie Pangilinan

She had one of the prettiest faces in the famous That’s Entertainment show, making her name truly befitting. Lovely Rivero was captivatingly lovely back in the ’80s when she shone her brightest. And up until now, in her midlife, she remains beautiful.

She admits that there were times when she looked in the mirror and saw an ugly and old woman. She started putting on pounds and her usual exercise and diet did not seem to work as well as they used to. Stubborn fat appeared in unflattering places. Her clothes did not fit anymore. She felt depressed and lost interest in making herself beautiful.

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Seeking Beauty in the Philippines: Roura DermSurgery

by Roura DermSurgery | PlacidWay

Millions of individuals seek youth and beauty in a variety of facilities throughout the world. However, pioneers of a new type of liposuction treatment called Vaser Liposelection are available at the top cosmetic surgery center in Makati, called Roura DermSurgery. For the safest liposuction in the Philippines, as well as one of the best facial and breast augmentation facilities in the Pacific, Roura DermSurgery provides a variety of state of the art treatments, equipment, and technology to safely meet the needs of men and women traveling from international destinations for the best in cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures.

Located in Makati City in Philippines, the Advanced Face And Body Sculpting Institute called Roura DermSurgery offers high definition liposculpture for men and women that focuses on sculpting rather than debulking techniques to provide the best in aesthetic liposuction procedure results.

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