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All Inclusive Plastic Surgery In Mexico

With plastic surgery package tailored according to your needs enjoy perfect medical tourism in Mexico.
Thanks to minimally invasive procedures your recovery will be quick, and by the time you will get back home you will  look and feel a new person.

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Looking Good: Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery in Germany

by PlacidWay | Dr. Christian Lenz

Looking good has never been easier, and more affordable. Millions of men and women around the world are seeking plastic and aesthetic surgical techniques and procedures for a variety of reasons; beauty, anti-aging, and even to help compete in today’s highly competitive economy. Aesthetic surgeries are growing more common as minimally invasive techniques offer patients high-tech surgeries with reduced chance of tissue damage, complications and also offer shorter recovery time.

Individuals throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas are traveling to ancient Munich, Germany to benefit from the expertise and experience of Dr. Christian Lenz, a specialist in aesthetic surgical procedures.

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New Doc Arrives at Perfection

by PlacidWay | Perfection Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery

Perfection Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery Center, located in beautiful Cancun, Mexico, has added the expertise and vibrant personality of a new doctor to their staff.  Dr. Marco Antonio Carmona is joining the number of experienced and highly educated cosmetic surgeons who offer competitive and excellent medical and cosmetic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgical techniques and methodologies in Cancun.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Cancun offers not only restful playgrounds, pristine beaches, warm gulf waters and inland adventures, but some of the best cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures and facilities in the world.

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Perfection Offers Perfection

by PlacidWay | Perfection

There are few places as beautiful as Cancun, a world famous tourist destination in Cancun Mexico, along the white, sandy shores of the Gulf Coast. Cancun has grown a worldwide reputation as providing some of the finest, qualified and effective medical spa and plastic surgical procedures in the world. From tummy tucks to breast implants to liposculpture, nose surgery to medical spa treatments, Perfection offers the best.

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Cross Border Tourism on the Rise

by PlacidWay

Long gone are the days when people scoffed at receiving dental or medical treatments in foreign destinations.  Today, locations throughout Mexico, Latin America, Central Europe and Asia are drawing millions of international travelers for procedures, treatments, and surgeries that offer accredited and certified care while at the same time saving tens of thousands of dollars. Some of the most sought after and affordable medical destinations for individuals traveling for medical care choose facilities that are accredited and certified by international healthcare organizations such as the JCI (Joint Commissions International), WHO (World Health Organization), and other reputable hospital and medical service accreditation associations.

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Almater Hospital: Best in South of the Border Services in Mexicali

by PlacidWay | Almater Hospital
Overview of Almater
Located just south of the Southern California border, Almater Hospital, located in Mexicali, Mexico, has long been a favorite destination for a variety of surgical procedures for southern Californians, as well as Americans from Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and other North American and Canadian destinations for decades.

Almater Hospital offers over 20 years of experience providing first-class medical services to a variety of traveling North American patients, as well as international travelers in a variety of medical fields.

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Finding Perfection in Cancun

by PlacidWay | Perfection Medical Spa

Cancun… the name evokes images of white, sandy beaches, warm aqua waves and fancy drinks with little umbrellas. Cancun also provokes images of luxury hotels, world-class dining and state of the art facilities, including Perfection Medical Spa in Cancun, a leading cosmetic surgical center located in the heart of sunny Cancun.

From tummy tucks to facial skin resurfacing to lip augmentation or ear cosmetic surgery, Perfection Medical Spa offers services to world travelers seeking specialized facial surgery and treatments that include laser depilation to ear or chin surgery.

Best of Both Worlds
Argelia Soto visited the facility for surgery in December 2009.  She went in for a MACS Lift procedure.  A MACS (minimal access cranial suspension) lift is often recommended to patients with sagging cheeks and skin on the face and the neck. The procedure involves small incisions in front of the ear through which subcutaneous tissues can be “lifted” to achieve a more youthful appearance.

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Cancun: Sandy Beach Vacations Meet World-class Cosmetic Surgery

by Perfection Plastic Surgery Center | PlacidWay

Paula, Melissa, Susannah, Valerie, and Aurora are all women looking for the same thing; affordable cosmetic or plastic surgery. They found their answer atPerfection Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery center in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. Women like these don’t trust their bodies or face is to just anybody. They’re looking for expertise, experience, and the best, highly trained cosmetic surgeons around the world. Certified by the Medical Tourism Association,Perfection Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery center offers a team of surgeons trained in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery who have received experience from training facilities not only in Mexico, but in Germany and the United States.

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Medical Tourism in Mexico: Cross-Border Options

by PlacidWay
Medical tourism is being taken seriously these days, as is evidenced by the massive numbers of individuals traveling across borders to seek quality, safe and effective medical care and treatment. In the past, medical tourism was considered a risky business, but in the early years of the 21st century, has grown into a world-class, certified and accredited option for many medical consumers.

Rising health care costs in Canada and the United States have prompted individuals to travel across the southern border of the U.S. intp Mexico to enjoy and reap the benefits of experienced, educated and world-class surgeons, procedures and technologies.

What Can You Get in Mexico?
Medical tourism in Mexico offers individuals treatments in nearly every medical field, from cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures to the latest in dental technologies, obesity and weight loss treatments and procedures, to stem cell research to cancer therapies.

Mexico has become one of the most popular medical tourist destinations for many Americans and Canadians, long boasting a reputation for providing a wealth of services at half the cost in other countries such as dental care, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, hip replacement and more, and medical travelers can anticipate saving up to 50% on medical procedure costs in Mexico without the lengthy wait times for appointments or surgery elsewhere.

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Enjoy eye-catching change in yourself by Perfection from $2350

perfection eye package

Want to look beautiful and attractive?
Get rid of upper lids and puffy bags under your eyes!!!

Experience beauty from Perfectionist… leader in surgical & non-surgical cosmetic treatments and medical spa in Cancun!


Eyelid surgery can correct drooping upper lids and puffy bags below your eyes, features that make you look older and more tired than you feel, and may even interfere with your vision.

The best candidates for an eyelid surgery
This surgery can improve your appearance and your self-confidence, but it won’t necessarily change your looks to match your ideal, or cause other people to treat you differently. Before you decide to have surgery, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with your surgeon. A part of aging, eyelid surgery is recommended to those who notice that the fold of excess skin of the eyelid start giving vision problems.

perfection before and after

The quote includes:

  • All Medical fees
  • 1/2 Day in the Surgery Center with nursing staff
  • *FREE Spa Laser Treatment with a VALUE of $500 USD
  • ll Labwork
  • All Medications
  • Compression garments
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Personal Bilingual Assistant
  • Airport Transfers
  • Chauffeur to bring you back and forth for your appointments ( Cancún Area )
  • Note: We encourage you to send photos in order to give you the best possible surgery options.
  • These prices does not included flight tickets and acommodation**

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