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Amazing Packages for the Best Dental Procedures in Europe

Excellence is our standard..

Trident is the centre for aesthetic dentistry and implantology situated in the most beautiful pearl on the Adriatic Coast– the town of Rovinj. It consists of 5 completely equipped dental surgeries with a state-of-the art dental laboratory. After successfully performing over 10,000 implants… solving complicated implant-prosthetical cases, now offering…

Package 1:

1-tooth implant for price of 1,000 EUR.

The Advantages of Dental Implant Procedures
Dental implant procedures are highly successful; though depending on age and mouth condition, adjustments and replacements may need to be made in the future. Dentists will often suggest that dental implant candidates cease smoking to facilitate implant success and longevity. In addition, candidates are advised to follow good oral hygiene habits to prevent gum disease damage around implant sites. However, dental implant procedures offer permanent solutions to tooth loss caused by gum disease, cavities, aging, and trauma caused by injury or accidents.

The Package includes:

  • Cost of extraction (if tooth needs to come out before implant)
  • Cost of surgery
  • Cost of Ankylos implant (one of the best in the world)
  • Healing abutment
  • Standard abutment
  • Temporary crown
  • Final crown

Package 2:


One porcelain-fused-to-metal crown at price of 285 EUR.

Benefits of Porcelain Dental Crowns
Porcelain dental crowns improve both the appearance and function of injured or damaged teeth. They cover and protect the entire surface area of the tooth, eliminating pain and restoring strength.

The Package includes:

  • Root canal treatment (with post core built-up)
  • Temporary crown
  • Final crown

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Want to feel young! An Amazing Anti-Aging Program

In past two decades Terme Selce has developed unique way to create effective programmes, that enable quick recovery and increase treatment results. All this, with no hospital environment, but in a family warm atmosphere. 

Anti Aging program (60+)
This program improves mobility, reduces chronic pain, improves sleeping, body and face revitalization, body weight and high blood pressure regulation, medical examination and monitoring, final medical recommendation, Accommodation at 4* hotel or apartment, half board, double occupancies.
Our programmes are recognised by professional and non professional sportsmen, showbiz individuals, managers and tourists from all over the World.

Duration of stay Price
Per 1 person w/program
12 days & 11 nights € 2,105

*The Package is tailored for people without any other sinificant health problems, though if that is the case, our physicians reserve the right of changing pre set therapy, still respecting the given price.

*Prices valid until May 1st 2009 and from September 20th until the end of the year. For the months of May 1st–September 20th an overall increase of cca. 15% in the summer months due to high season and hotel prices.

SPECIAL deals on our packages:

  • If booked by  April 15th 2009 –  FREE ½ day excursion in the area.
  • For months October, November and December 2009  if booked by May 1st 2009.
    Additional Procedure
    A day FREE at clients choice: Aqua detox, solarium, Facial mask, Tease face massage, Tease foot massage, Parafin Hand Bath, Waxing.

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Rhinoplasty – All inclusive Croatia Vacations

Rhinoplasty can make your nose smaller or bigger, it can change the shape of your nose, it can shrink the size of your nostrils or change the angle between your nose and upper lip.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty
Benefits involved with rhinoplasty include not only an improvement to the appearance, but also to breathing and self-esteem. Often times, patients have trouble breathing clearly due to tissue or cartilage blocking airways and rhinoplasty is a quick procedure to fix such issues. Self-esteem also plays a role in a patient’s decision to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure, as many feel self-conscience about the size or shape of the nose. Making the nose more aesthetically pleasing is the same as getting dental work done to improve features if one is unhappy with his or her appearance.

Come to Makarska, Croatia, make your nose look the way you’ll like it!!!

  • Complete Rhinoplasty  2,300 – 3,000 EUR Only 
  • Rhinoplasty plus Septoplasty- Nasal Function/ breathing problems in 3,500 EUR Only

Package price includes:

  • Flight
  • Airport transfers & transportation
  • Personal bilingual assistant
  • The surgical procedure with Anesthetist fees
  • 5 -8 nights in a hotel next to clinic on a halfboard basis
  • Complete haematology tests analysis

Please Click Here to request more information about Rhinoplasty from Dr. Branko Gkusac.

How to shed unwanted pounds! 2 Weeks Weightloss Program

In past two decades Terme Selce have developed unique way to create effective programmes, that enable quick recovery and increase treatment results. All this, with no hospital enviroment, but in a family warm atmosphere. 

Now Offering 2 Weeks Weight loss program with

  • Medical Examination and Monitoring
  • Final Recommendation
  • Different Therapeutic Procedures
  • Individual Education on Health and Dieting
  • Full Board
  • Single Occupancies.

Our programmes are recognised by professional and non professional sportsmen, showbiz individuals, managers and tourists from all over the World.

Duration of stay

Per 1 person w/program

14days & 13nights

€ 2,475

*The Package is tailored for people without any other sinificant health problems, though if that is the case, our physicians reserve the right of changing pre set therapy, still respecting the given price.

*Prices valid until May 1st 2009 and from September 20th until the end of the year. For the months of May 1st–September 20th an overall increase of cca. 15% in the summer months due to high season and hotel prices.

Please Click Here to request more information about this AMAZING weightloss program from Terme Selce.

Exclusive BREAST AUGMENTATION package for 3800 €


Breast augmentation is considered to be relatively minor but very effective cosmetic surgery procedure. Although it is technically rather simple, this operation requires surgeon’s sense of proportion and shaping.

The price of the exclusive package includes the following:

  • Free flight (airport and flight arranged from Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dr Toncic)
  • Surgery and anesthesia
  • Preoperative examinations – blood test and the ECG
  • Overnight stay
  • Medical bra
  • Private accommodation – full board with medical aftercare
  • Taxi transfers related to arrival/departure and all the rides related to surgery and check ups

While performing breast augmentation surgery, Dr Toncic relies on years of experience, his sense of shaping and artistic nature. All of these characteristics are best shown when Dr Toncic needs to make a preoperative sketch and while choosing the size and shape of implants, together with the patient, whose wishes are highly respected by Dr Toncic and his surgical team. All of our patient’s wishes are absorbed and taken into special consideration, as we always do our best to meet our patient’s wishes and aesthetic surgery options.

By inserting the top quality breast implants, by reputable manufactures, we can easily achieve the desired breast enlargement. Dr Toncic and his team use silicone implants by Mentor, Polytech Silimed or Allergan, reputable and renowned breast implants producers. After the operation, our patient receives the certificate for her implants.

Silicone implants are soft and when touched or pressed against, breasts feel very natural. It is important to know that patients can easily breast feed their babies with implants. After the surgery, breasts are available for medical examinations because the implants are placed under the pectoral muscle or above the muscle, i.e. directly under the breast gland.

To undergo breast augmentation surgery, patients have to be at least 18 years old.

Indications for breast augmentation include: underdeveloped and small breasts, breast asymmetries, innate breast anomalies and reconstructive breast surgery.

Preparation for the surgery
Although this operation is preformed regularly in our clinic, the professionalism of our surgical team headed by Dr Toncic makes us pay special attention to the preoperative preparation of our patient.

Therefore, before the surgery, our patient and surgeons meet for final preoperative consultation and medical examination. With the aim of achieving the best result possible, during the final preoperative examination, the surgeon makes a detailed and precise drawing on the patient’s breast. This is the point where Dr Toncic’s artistic experience and meticulousness are best shown. The drawing itself is an important orientation factor for the surgeon during the surgery, and as such it represents quite a big step on the way to the final success of the operation.

Postoperative period and recovery:

  • Great success of the operations in Dr Toncic’s clinic is largely due not only to the experience of our surgical team, their precise and enhanced techniques, but also to well organized professional postoperative care.
  • To be sure of the success of the operation and wellbeing of the patient, Dr Toncic and his team insist on regular check ups and everyday contact with the patient. For our patients’ safety, successful recovery and postoperative monitoring, we recommend optimal length of stay in Zagreb.
  • This way, we leave nothing to chance. We monitor our patient’s recovery completely, which is crucial for our patient’s health and the result of the operation.
  • Postoperative recovery after breast augmentation is individual, usually lasting 10 days after the operation. The stitches are removed ten days after the surgery, and our patient can resume her personal and professional activities.
  • In order to have the least noticeable scar possible, it would be best to avoid sun exposure for six to twelve months after the operation.

Required stay in Zagreb:
Required stay in Zagreb is 10 days, so we can remove the stitches and monitor the early postoperative period completely. We indeed require that our patients stay in Zagreb for 10 days after the breast augmentation surgery, as this is the period that is of crucial importance for health of our patient and for the result of the operation. Having followed all the instructions, our patient can safely go home and without risking the possible postoperative complications.

Sick leave lasts 14 days for breast augmentation surgery. Ten days following the operation we remove the stitches from the incision, which is also an opportunity for the last check up. 14 days after home care and recovery, the patient can resume her personal and professional activities. However, the patient should avoid hard physical activities and lifting heavy objects for 30 days after the operation.

Complete service – let us take care of everything
Beside the operation, we can arrange travel and accommodation for our foreign patients. We are here to assist you in every step of the way. Therefore, we can book your flight, and private or hotel accommodation in Zagreb. Our driver will welcome you at Zagreb airport and take you to your accommodation.

Please Click Here to request additional information from Dr.Toncic about Breast Augmentation.

Miracle Workers for Athletes

by Banijel Botic | Croatian Health Brand

Just as the Kostelic family is a Croatian Sports brand, so is Telme Selce, headed by M.D. Vlasta Brozicevic, a Croatian health brand.

When you mention the Kostellc family and the planetary successes of Janica and Ivica, it must be mentioned that Dr Viasta Brozicevic owner of the Terme Selce, is an indispensable part of their lives. After Janica’s horrible fall in St. Moritz, when everyone was predicting the end of her sports career a doctors’ council at the Basel Bruderholz Hospital Successfully operated on our snow queen, restoring the hope of her return to the ski tracks. But there was a long way ahead for her full recovery. The best hospital in the world for sports injuries recommended Dr. Brozicevic to the Kostelic family, and Janica spent her rehabilitation in Selce.

Since that moment, the lives of Dr Brozicevic and her associates was never the same. They were taking care of the best woman skier of all times, as it eventually turned out. An unbelievable persistence and love for skiing, but also a unique organism with unimaginable high pain tolerance brought Janica back to the ski tracks. The other member of this incredible sports family has also gone through several difficult operations (even three on the right knee), and one of the reasons why Ivica fulfilled his boyhood dream, an Olympic medal, is related to Dr Brozicevic.

Working in the state administrative sector along with her husband, she soon realized that in the sports medicine she would not be able to realize everything she had conceived in her mind. She then realized the idea of a private polyclinic for sports injuries and opened Terme Selce in her family home. Employees of Terme Selce create a real family atmosphere. The guests have four apartments for their accommodation and the facilities are equipped with the best instruments for rehabilitation. Besides Janica and Ivica Kostellc, any Croatian and world famous football players have visited Terme Selce and Dr Brozicevic. Dr Brozicevic further educated her employees by her example of how to communicate with athletes, who are often in psychological shock in those moments.

When I first entered the lobby of the Terme, I was surprised by how friendly, cheerful and wholehearted the employees are, and this is crucial, in the words of Dr. Brozicevic, for an athlete’s recovery.

We help them with their rehabilitation, but we are also friends, psychologists, because this is what they need in those difficult moments- says Dr Brozicevic.

And now, let us return to the beginning of the story. Janica and Ivica Kostellc are a Croatian sports family with the most trophies, but if someone had fore-told those great results after all the injuries they suffered, many would have said: dreams, only dreams….. But the Kostellc family and Dr Brozicevic followed their dreams, and we can only be grateful for that. When you next visit the Crlkvenica Riviera and see the sign Selce, visit Terme; remember that this is the place where one of the most beautiful sports stories took place. And, the next time you see Janica or Ivica on the ski podium, keep in mind that the Kostellc family is a Croatian sports brand, and Terme Selce, headed by Dr Viasta Brozicevic, is a Croatian health brand.

Please Click Here to request more information from Terme Selce about Sports Medicine.

The Heart of Europe Lures Medical Travelers

Europeans traveling to foreign destinations for a multitude of cosmetic dentistry procedures are taking advantage of excellent and high class accommodations, technologies, (as well as lower costs) of cosmetic and dentistry procedures available in the heart of Europe and are flocking to Poland, Croatia, and Hungary for their needs.

Leading highly trained and experienced care providers in these countries are able to offer a multitude of services that include but are not limited to:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Mesotherapy treatments
  • Dermatology
  • Breast reduction
  • Facelift procedures
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Dental procedures 

Hungary has long been a popular medical tourism destination for their reputation in providing superlative dental and cosmetic surgeries and procedures. For example, Aesthetica International Medical Center, located in Budapest, Hungary’s capital, provides such services as:

  • Tummy tucks
  • Liposuction
  • Mesotherapy
  • Chemical peels
  • Laser hair removal 

Aesthetica International Medical Center has been serving the needs of European and International consumers for two decades. In addition to being able to benefit from superlative expertise, medical travelers to Hungary are also to take advantage of attractions in and around Budapest, such as Hero’s Square, the City Baths, the Chain Bridge, and Statute Park in the midst of this ancient, wonderful city. Castles, art museums, and a wealth of travel opportunities await medical travelers venturing to Hungary for their needs.

To the north, Poland also offers a wide range of medical facilities that cater to the needs of Europeans and international travelers seeking dental and cosmetic procedures. Two popular providers in Kraków, Poland are the ComplexMedica and Dental Travel Agency and the Stomatologia Steczko Dental Clinic. 

Conveniently located in Kraków, medical tourist travelers are able to enjoy the thousand-year-old history of Poland, whose name means “people living in open fields.” Poland is a country rich in history, architecture and art and visitors to this ancient land enjoy the benefits of sightseeing as well as taking advantage of amenities that modern civilization in this bustling city has to offer. Fine dining, sightseeing, shopping, and people-watching are some of the favorite occupations of visitors to this ancient city.

The ComplexMedica & Dental Travel Agency offers a wide range of excellent services to serve the dental needs of resident as well as international travelers including:

  • Pedodontics
  • Teeth whitening
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Root canal treatments
  • Dental implants and surgeries  

Clinic staffs are versed in a multitude of languages including French, Italian, Swedish, English and German. Staffs meet top training standards and focus on specializations in multiple fields of dentistry.

Stomatologia Steczko Dental Clinic has been serving the needs of Kraków and international residents since 2002 and offers conservative dentistry, as well as dental implant treatments and treatments for periodontal disease.

Nearby Croatia has also become an extremely popular medical tourist destination, most specifically, facilities that offer cosmetic and plastic surgeries and dentistry. Two of the most popular include Dr. Toncic at the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, and Trident, a center for aesthetic dentistry and implantology located on the gorgeous Adriatic coast in the town of Rovinj.

Croatia is a gorgeous country with a rich history filled with cultural, scientific, and industrial fields and discoveries. The Croatian countryside is filled with beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, and friendly inhabitants. The Croatian Islands, dotted throughout the Adriatic Sea, provide one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in middle Europe, and her mountain vistas attract adventurous souls from around the world.

Medical tourists seeking high class, experienced and economical surgical procedures and treatments for their needs are learning that various locations throughout Western Europe offer the best in modern and high-tech equipment, training, and experience. Growth and development in Hungary, Poland and Croatia are among the fastest growing in the 21st century, and offer excellent services, products and expertise in the medical field. 

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Highest quality Cosmetic Surgery at an affordable Price

by Jenny | Dr. Toncic | Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Europe

This is my account of my experience when I visited Croatia for a Rhinoplasty and a Breast enlargement. My surgeons were Dr Toncic Senior and Dr Toncic Junior. I have decided to try and write a detailed description so that it may help other people, as I could not find a lot on the internet. As I wanted a Rhinoplasty I was very scared what would happen if I chose the wrong surgeon. I looked at three of the top nose surgeons in the UK but the price was around 5000 and I really could not afford that. If I went with a different UK surgeon it would cost around 3000 but I did not feel confident as I wanted someone who specialized in nose jobs. As a Guide, the cost of my surgery in Croatia was 4700 for the Rhinoplasty and breast enlargement. Then another 800 for flights, accommodation, taxis, ECG and blood tests. If anyone can explain to me how to load pictures on for people to view then I will do this and post a link. I have pictures of the staff, location and my results.

Day 1: 15/04/08
Very nervous. Got a flight from Luton to Zagreb with Whizz air. Arrived at the airport in Zagreb which is small but good, Boris the taxi driver who would be driving me everywhere over the next 9 days was easy to find. He was directly in front of me when I walked out the doors into the Foya. Boris had a sign with my name on.

He speaks little English but is fine for small talk and arranging times of collection and drop offs. He drove me for about 45 mins from the airport to a private doctor’s surgery for an ECG. This is required by Croatian law before any surgery involving a general anesthetic.

Cost of this was 50 Euros. The clinic opened a 17.00. When the doctor arrived, he asked me to go behind the screen and remove my top and bra and then to lie on the table. He then attached some monitors to my chest and ankles and my heart movements were displayed on a screen. The doctor then printed the screen. He listened to my chest and said all was ok for the operation next day. I was given a print off to take to Dr Toncic in the morning. This all took about 20 to 25 mins and Boris waited outside for me. He then drove me to the Sikoronja family house. It is located in a built up area and is a very well kept first floor flat. The building is 3 storey high, splints into 3 flats, The Ground floor flat is the nurse’s mother in-law. There is a nice garden and balcony. I had my own bedroom with TV and bathroom which had a shower, toilet and sink. Toilet paper and towels were provided. I had dinner, a shower and then settled for the night ready for my big day tomorrow.

Day 2: 16/04/08
Boris picked me up at 8am and took me to a local clinic for my blood tests. Cost 20 Euros. It was very busy and we waited in a queue for about 10 mins then a nurse who new Boris took us out of the queue and to a room for the blood test. I think we would have been late for the surgery other wise but she seemed aware of this and Boris said it was not normally this busy.

The blood was taken and the results are faxed to Dr Toncic with in the hour. Boris waited with me. He then drove me to the hospital. It’s a purple building on a hill very new and modern looking with nice views. Dr Toncic senior and junior both took me into a consultation room where we discussed what they would do to reshape my nose and enlarge my breasts. They were both taller than I remember when I meet them at the body beautiful show 2 years ago. But I felt comfortable although I was shaking and very scared.

I was taken to a side room to undress. I stripped down to me knickers and then a nurse helped me into a gown and a pair of them very sexy tight knee high socks that prevent blood clots. I was given a pair of clogs to walk in with the nurse to the operating theatre were 2 anesthetics, both doctors and nurse Versna (who I was staying with) were waiting. I felt a bit calmer when I saw nurse Versna. I lay on the table and the anesthetics put me out, which hurt a bit as they put the needle in. When I woke up I was a bit uncomfortable so nurse Versna administered some pain killers in my arm.

Nurse Versna stayed with me and looked after me for the night. I was not allowed to eat until the next day so had gone from Monday evening having a meal then on Tuesday, allowed to eat Wednesday morning. She gave me a number of ice packs to keep on my fore head and neck for the bruising and swelling. It was fine and I was comfortable. I was also not allowed to get out of bed until Wednesday morning. So if you need a wee it’s a bed pan. (I waited). I spent the night in just my knickers and no medical bra I had drains in each breast.

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Health Tourism Portal Expands Global Provider Partnerships

PlacidWay, a health & wellness tourism web portal, recently expanded its number of partnerships with healthcare providers abroad, following a company directive to increase its offerings to health tourism consumers. Previously, the site has attracted partnerships from healthcare providers in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Argentina, Panama, South Africa and Poland. Recent additions include providers based in Brazil, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Singapore, Norway, South Korea, Hungary, United States, and Croatia.

Attention to the needs of both sides of the health tourism coin—consumers and healthcare providers—has been a differentiator for the web portal. “Our partnership with PlacidWay has resulted in an increased interest in our facility by health tourists” said Dr. Ismael Naypa of Yanhee International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. “PlacidWay has worked with us to ensure that we had all the knowledge, resources and tools needed to attract new clients.”

As healthcare providers around the world realize the advantages of marketing on a global basis, they have turned to PlacidWay to establish their brand and gain greater visibility. “We recently identified health tourism as a key strategy for expanding our client base” said Abhik Moitra of Artemis Health Institute in India. “By partnering with PlacidWay, we have stepped out into the world arena and have become more competitively and prominently marketed.”

Health tourism is a centuries-old industry that has recently experienced explosive growth, and one that continues to grow as rising healthcare costs, overburdened public healthcare systems, increased interest in alternative/holistic medicine and less expensive procedures abroad prompt health and wellness seekers to travel beyond their backyard for more affordable options.

PlacidWay has become a leading authority in the field of health tourism through its vision, commitment to service and determination to be the most complete resource possible” said Pramod Goel, President of PlacidWay. “We offer world class healthcare providers in exotic destinations, a formidable knowledge and information base, quick response turnaround and a one-stop approach to booking a health tourism experience.”

For more information on PlacidWay, go to www.placidway.com.

Upcoming Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has enjoyed a long and illustrious history not only in the United States but also around the world. Recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released results surrounding the rising numbers of individuals choosing cosmetic surgical procedures since the year 2000. Everything from breast lifts to Botox to tummy tucks, cosmetic surgical procedures are growing in popularity around the world. Medical tourists are able to enjoy a wide selection of minimally invasive, surgical, and reconstructive cosmetic surgical procedures in the future as trends continue to attract the attention of baby boomers, all socioeconomic demographics and genders both domestically and abroad.

Top Five Cosmetic Surgical Procedures
While techniques and methods used in a variety of cosmetic procedures are continually advancing, 2008 saw a large increase in injectable and noninvasive treatments such as Botox, as well as breast augmentation procedures. Studies have shown that over 10 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in the year 2005 alone, a nearly 40% increase since the turn of the new century. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the global market now exceeds $30 billion, with a sustainable compound annual growth rate in the range of 25%.

According to recent statistics, the top trends in cosmetic surgery include:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Dermabrasion
  • Tummy tuck
  • Botox treatments
  • Laser skin resurfacing

Who Is Having Plastic Surgery?
The trend seems to be showing a desire to minimalize and reduce the effects of aging, and this desire does not seem to be limited to baby boomers. Individuals as young as 25 and 30 years old are engaging in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as Botox and laser skin resurfacing as well as dermabrasion.

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