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Making a Difference: Dental Implants Croatia

by PlacidWay | Dental Implants Croatia
Dr. Pero Šutalo is a highly respected dentist for Dental Implants Croatia, located in beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia. His clinic just outside the historic city offers a variety of cosmetic dental treatments and procedures, including but not limited to implants, crowns, gum reshaping and traditional fillings, just to name a few.

However, Dr. Šutalo is concerned about the broad promises made by many medical facilities throughout the world, responding to increased interest in medical and dental tourism. He wants consumers and international travellers to know him and his clinic are different; while they offer superlative dental care and treatments, he’s not willing to sacrifice his reputation for quality for a reputation of being cheap.

Dr. Šutalo and his clinic in Dubrovnik have worked hard to reach high standards and are not only certified but continue to seek training in all new dental procedures from specialists around the globe. Dr. Šutalo holds training and certification from the ICDE, for Aesthetic Implant Rehabilitation and Bone Augmentation, Implant Placement and Soft Tissue and Bone Management Grafting and certificates in Bone Transfer, Sinus Lift Techniques, from the Chiemsee Akademie Bone Management Competence Center, among others.

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Croatia: A New Frontier in Cosmetic Dentistry

by PlacidWay | Dental Implants Croatia
Croatia is fast developing into a world class medical tourism and dental vacation destination.  Dental treatment in Croatia offers a variety of quality yet affordable treatments and procedures. Dental Implants Croatia offers dental implants and more in Dubrovnik, the ultimate in Croatian tourism destinations.

Facility and Treatments Overview
Dental Implants Croatia is a dental facility located in the heart of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Cosmetic and dental implant surgeries and procedures in Croatia are up to date, offer a viable options for international business travelers as well as domestic and global tourists seeking affordable and high quality dental implants and dental care across borders.

Dental Implants Croatia offers high quality dental treatments and diagnostics including prosthetic dental procedures utilizing up to date technology and equipment such as computer guided implantology utilizing SIMPLANT software, digital orthopantomograph and CT technology.

In addition to offering dental implants and advanced cosmetic techniques and procedures, staff at Dental Implants Croatia also offer oral surgery, teeth whitening, and functional therapies that not only improve smiles, but restore tooth, jaw, eating and speaking function. Also engaging in endodontics, periodontology and prosthodontics and veneers, staff at Dental Implants Croatia are able to offer patients the best in service and quality.

Dentists and staff at Dental Implants Croatia stay abreast of new technologies and treatments and engage high standards and continued certification in both domestic and international educational opportunities regarding the latest in dental technology and advancements in diagnostic equipment and software.

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