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Where Healthy Smiles Reborn: Destination Turkey

by CTG HealthCare

CTG named Best Dental Clinic in Turkey by Overseas Living Magazine in UK

Imagine a place where you can regain your beautiful smile with less cost, but in a more comprehensive way.  No waiting lists, low prices, high tech facilities, warm staff and a clinic that makes you feel good at abroad. CTG HEALTHCARE Dental Clinic – awarded with “Best Dental Clinic 2009” by Overseas Living Magazine, is the place that definitely suits for you!

In 21st century, medical tourism has fastened it’s pace, especially in Turkey. This is of course undeniable when we consider how expensive dental treatments cost in UK, whereas these can cost you 70 percent less in Turkey. As a newly established clinic with state-of-art technologies, CTG HEALTHCARE  Dental Clinic is the pioneer clinic that helps British or any foreinger patients to receive their treatments in Turkey.

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Turkey: The New Medical Frontier

by Denise Wang | PlacidWay

Growing numbers of citizens as well as regional and international travelers of Western Russia, Georgia, Albania and Turkmenistan are traveling to Turkey to meet their healthcare needs.  Turkmenistan and other former Soviet countries such as Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan basically inherited a medical and health care program from the Soviet system of universal health care, which still is relatively behind the times when it comes to medical equipment, technology, and facilities. To meet growing health care needs and provide options for treatments and procedures, citizens from surrounding countries are venturing to Turkey’s major cities like Istanbul for state of the art, world-class and high-tech medical treatments.

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