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The Fedasz Dental Clinic

High quality cosmetic dentistry, implants, porcelain crowns & bridges

The Fedasz Dental Clinic Budapest carry out a full range of affordable cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, crowns and bridgework, dentures, inlays, root canal treatments, tooth whitening, dental hygienic treatment with the highest quality and more, since 1995.

At our state-of-the-art equipped dental clinic, you can find all technical equipment like comfortable multifunctional chairs, fiber-optic instruments, soft laser for the healing of the ‘mucous membrane’, panorama X-ray and conscious sedation equipment to help our specialists in their work and to take care of our patients’ comfort.

A digital X-ray diagnostic system and oscular (oral) video camera are at the disposal of our dentists for consultation and preventive examinations, during treatment as well as for control check-ups. If you like, you can see your dental status on the monitor!

The Fedasz Dental Clinic Budapest carry out a full range of affordable

* cosmetic dentistry
* dental implants
* crowns and bridgework
* dentures
* inlays
* root canal treatments
* tooth whitening
* dental hygienic treatment with the highest quality
* And More…

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Dental Implants in Hungary: Case Study

by Prudent-Hungary

Frank Petersen, (47) lost all his upper teeth at the age of 44. He needed to wear full removable denture for 3 years. This replacement for him was not satisfactory neither from esthetics point of view, nor with regards to stability of teeth.

After careful consideration, and making several enquiries he came to us with the request of making him a new dental replacement which enables him to live normal life, without the usual risks of wearing a denture. He did not dare to smile and go out with friends any more.

Following his thorough dental check-up we proposed him to have implants, although his bone in the back of his mouth was deteriorated so badly that it was not able to have the implants supported. So we had a special solution for him.

We put the four implants into the front (teeth 14, 12, 22, 24) and for the healing period of 5 months we underlined his old denture inside, with a material that remains soft and enables him to wear the denture without significant pain.

Five months later, after the healing period he came back for the definitive replacement. It had to be a combined solution, due to lack of bone. We made the denture on the implants and for the back part we made a removable part that was attached to the implant denture with slides. This way there was no need for the palate in this denture and this could remain in his mouth all the time.

Frank liked this solution very much, as it was stable, enabled him to eat properly and live a full life as well as the esthetics of this solution was much higher than before.

He needed to learn to smile again, but of course he was happy to do so.

Frank had been a heavy smoker of daily 20-25 cigarettes. This was the main cause for the loss of his natural teeth. Smoking is a high risk factor with implants, so we asked him to give up smoking. Unfortunately, he was not able to give up totally, but today he has reduced the number of cigarettes to 8-10 for a day. For 14 days after the implant operation by him, he was not smoking a single cigarette!

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