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Successful pregnancy after preimplantation genetic diagnosis in a female with Sickle cell Anemia

by Superior A.R.T
I’d like to mention the case of a couple who carries Sickle Cells Anemia. They came to seek our advice of how to have an inherited disease free baby. This has led me come in contact with Superior A.R.T. center and its laboratory services to consult the possibility of PGD-PCR testing. It was a unique case since, as far as I am aware of, this was the first case ever of PGD-PCR testing for Sickle Cells Anemia in Thailand.

Discussing with scientists from Sydney IVF and Superior A.R.T. gave me such a high confidence in this center. Thanks to their prompt response, we were able to provide rapid advice about the most suitable treatment. Following the first talk with the patients, it took us only a few days after to contact Superior A.R.T. and prepare the whole process of treatment starting from Preparation for specific test. I was very impressed by their prompt and efficient services. And it is such a great delight that the treatment resulted in successful conception. She recently delivered a healthy baby girl with the birth weight of 3,700 grams by a cesarean delivery.

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