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Future direction of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

by Somjate Manipalviratn, M.D.| Superior A.R.T

Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH)

A significant proportion of unsuccessful pregnancy is caused by numerical chromosome imbalance or aneuploidy supported by the evidence that >50% of fif irst trimester abortuses are aneuploidy. FISH was introduced to reveal aneuploidy in embryos in order to improve the pregnancy success. However, whether PGD using FISH technique will improve pregnancy rate of IVF treatmentcycle is still controversial due to its limitation in the number of chromosome studied. This is limited by the number of distinct fluorochromes which are available to label the DNA probes.

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Babies on the Way at Healthcare Agency International

by Healthcare Agency International | PlacidWay

Healthcare Agency International is an infertility support center located in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. As a leader in infertility treatments, sperm donation, surrogacy, in vitro fertilization, and other ART (assisted reproductive technologies), Healthcare Agency International provides couples around the world with a state of the art and high-tech facility for the treatment of infertility with a decade of experience. Surrogacy egg donation, infertility treatments for both men and women, and  evidence-based methodology and treatments offer friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable staff prepared to treat a variety of infertility problems.

Healthcare Agency International provides affordable fertility treatments ranging from egg and sperm donation to surrogate mothers, a variety of fertility treatments including in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatments and additional infertility support services that offer couples around the world their best chances to have the baby they’ve longed for.

An online donors database enables the experts at Health Care Agency International to find the best surrogate mothers, egg and sperm donors in the world for their clients. Donors for all services are screened according to age, genetics, and lifestyle habits as well as mental and overall health stability.

Staff at Health Care Agency International are highly trained and experienced in fertility treatments and include fertility specialists, counselors, scientists, and nursing staff that provide couples with high success rates and quality of care using the latest treatments and procedures in assisted reproductive technology.

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Babies on the Way : Fertility Treatment Options for the 21st Century

Infertility is a subject that many couples don’t want to discuss, but it’s an issue that millions of couples around the world deal with on a daily basis. The causes of infertility are numerous, from lack of ovulation to low sperm counts in men. Infertility is not just a woman’s problem, but because of basic anatomy and physiology, women’s ‘plumbing’ so to speak, is more complex and therefore apt to contribute more difficulties to conception than males.

Increase Your Chances of Conception
However, there’s hope on the horizon – new techniques and options in infertility are available not only in the U.S. but also around the world. Common treatments today include:

  • IVF (in vitro fertilization)
  • OI (Ovulation induction)
  • Clomid treatments
  • AI (artificial insemination)
  • ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)
  • IUI (intrauterine insemination)
  • Alternative Medicines

Whether you’re in your twenties or your forties, couples are finding new techniques to help their dreams of parenthood come true. Most fertility treatments help to increase the development of eggs within the ovary, which help to promote the chances of one of those eggs being fertilized by a sperm. For women who don’t have regular monthly cycles to those who just can seem to conceive due to ovulation difficulties, fertility treatments can help.

Treatments with drugs or medications are usually the first step, in an effort to try and stimulate and induce ovulation. These types of drugs are designed for women who have been diagnosed with ovulation difficulties and offers about an 80% success rate. Women who experience difficulties with follicle development, and thereby ovulation problems, may benefit from ovulation induction therapies, where hormones are given to stimulate follicle and egg development.

Intrauterine insemination is generally the next step in the infertility treatment process, also known as artificial insemination. Women experiencing fallopian tube defects or damage, as well as those with poor egg quality often benefit from this type of therapy. At this point, treatments can become quite expensive. Next often comes in vitro fertilization. This involves placement of an already fertilized egg into the woman’s uterus for implantation.

What Do Fertility Treatments Cost?
The cost of fertility treatments prohibit many couples from seeking treatments, but these days, many foreign destinations offer fertility programs that are affordable and effective. Fertility treatments in the United States may cost anywhere between $300 and $800 per treatment for intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedures, with couples required to undergo multiple treatments. Costs for in vitro fertilization (IVF) may cost between $8,000 and $10,000 with each attempt.

However, medical travelers to foreign destinations such as Mexico, South America, India, and Thailand can save thousands, up to 75% of costs in the U.S. Popular destinations that treat infertility such as:

In the United States alone, more than 5 million couples deal with infertility issues every year. Fortunately, many of these couples have been helped through advancements in technology, both at home and abroad.

Lower costs in foreign destinations are not due to sub-standard care or training – quite the opposite. Lower costs are enjoyed because other countries don’t have to deal with the rising and often prohibitive costs of medical malpractice insurance that is rampant within the healthcare industry in the United States. Therefore, medical providers in other countries are able to perform such treatments, procedures and surgeries at huge savings to their patients.

Reap the Benefits of Fertilization Technology
Whether you decide to travel to Mexico, South America, or Asia for fertility treatments and procedures, chances are you’re going to be more than pleased with the results. Take a second honeymoon and take care of business while you’re there. Take the opportunity to create that family you long for, and without putting yourself in debt for the rest of your life. Medical travel is the wave of the future for millions of couples around the world – so check it out and find a facility that can offer a realization to your dreams.

Prevention always better than cure

by Superior A.R.T.

PGD offers a wide range of reproductive options
“Shadow is just an 11-month old boy, but a victim. He has got pneumonia and an enlarged liver and spleen. He was finally diagnosed with thalassemia. A bone marrow transplantation costing over one million baht is the most effective medical treatment to save his life.”

“Marwin is another thalassemia sufferer. He is quiet small and retarded when compared to children of the same age. He has to receive blood transfusion therapy every month to maintain his growth and developement. If not effectively managed, Marwin may die at 15 years of age.”

Thalassemia, an inherited, genetic blood disorder, is a chronic debilitating disease which can be lethal. Patients must struggle through their life in order to fight this severe disease. To live longer, they need constant treatment involving regular blood transfusions as well as regular clinical visits. Repeated blood transfusions can also cause problems of iron overload which can damage many organs such as liver, heart, skin and pancrease. Even more unfortunately, infants with Thalassemia, like shadow, may grow slowly, develop severe problems or die if they don’t receive proper treatment. Although bone marrow transplantations can offer a complete cure for patients with thalassemia major, it is not an easy task. for the best tissue match, bone marrow is donated from a brother or sister.

The dedication of parents to the health of their children is first and foremost as their children grow. In addition to physical health and development, parents always realize that social and psychological health of their children really does count. Sad to say, a life with thalassemia is an absolute nightmare for children and their families.

To tackle the root of the problem, parents who want to have a baby free of disease can take advantage of PCD, an assisted reproductive technology. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) (also known as Embryo Screening) is a form of genetic diagnosis performed prior to implantation. It is a reasonable choice for couples at risk of transmitting hereditary genetic diseases to their children. PGD allows scientists to choose unaffected embryos and transfer them to a woman undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF).

PGD is very powerful and can be beneficial to many couples. It can be applies in many different circumstances to serve the needs of individual couples that are at risk of conceiving genetically abnormal children. Superior A.R.T., one of the leading providers of PGD in Southeast Asia, offers comprehensive PDG option to interested couples.

Superior A.R.T. also offers PGD to couples who have identifiable genetic disorders, including thalassemia, breast cancer and many more. We believe that it would be less upsetting to discard an abnormal embryo before implantation, rather than go through early pregnancy and make the difficult decision whether to continue with an abnormal pregnancy or abort it. In those couples with a complete analysis of their genetic defects, Superior A.R.T. can test for such abnormalities in their embryos in order to prevent those undesirable genetic abnormalities. A search among family members for a bone marrow donor that can provide HLA matching stem cells may enable you to use PGD to bring a child into the world (this topic will be continued in the next article).

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New hope for Pregnancy Success – Superior A.R.T | IVF Clinic Thailand

Becoming a parent is wonderful. However, fulfilling the dream of having a child is something not all of us are fortunate enough to experience. If you have been trying to get pregnant for 12 months, or six months for women over the age of 35, with no success, assisted reproduction techniques and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) might be considered. Superior A.R.T. can help you to complete your family.

A joint venture with Sydney IVF, Australia’s premier provider for infertility. Superior A.R.T is one of the leading infertility and genetic diagnosis centre in Southeast Asia. The centre offers infertile patients several fertility options, with a very personalized approach, from diagnostic assessment and early intervention through high-tech and highly advanced procedures like IVF and IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) as well as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), which are IVF for genetic disorders.

Superior A.R.T. has always committed to providing the most effective, the best possible reproductive practice. To this end, the centre combines high-technology, expertise and caring, compassionate services to routinely provide single-embryo transfers to infertile patients. With the most technically advanced laboratory which strictly conforms to the high quality standards of its parent company in Australia, state-of-art medical equipment backed by a team of highly accredited scientists, specialists and professionals who have extensive experience and expertise in the diverse areas of embryo science and successful lab operations, you can be assured that your dreams of having a child will come true.

Superior A.R.T. has established a reputation as one of the best providers as one of the best providers of PGD-PCR in Southeast Asia. The centre offers the PGD diagnostic procedure to patients who plan to or are already scheduled to have an in vitro fertilization procedure. Although the centre was initially developed in early 2007, it has achieved am impressive success rata among patients with PGD pregnancies, representing over 40 percent of its total PGD efforts. The centre take great pride in achieving such a world-class success rate.

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Hospitals are a place to get healthy, not sick!

A gentleman from Britain that recently had a leg injury while skiing in France, instead of going to the local hospital, he went on the internet.  He found a place in Norway that provided the treatment he needed.  He booked his flight and off he went. 

Why did he choose to travel rather than get treatment locally?  He is like many people from Britain, Canada, and the United States that are becoming medical tourists.  In the British man’s case, he wanted to go to Norway in order to avoid a growing concern over a very contagious germ called MRSA that plagues many hospitals in Britain and other countries.  There are over 5,000 deaths in hospitals a year in Britain caused by infections people contracted while staying in a hospital.  Norway has the lowest percentage of MRSA infections in Europe and has become a destination for those looking for quality and safe healthcare practices. 

Today, over 1.3 million medical tourists are seeking low-cost, high quality healthcare options in top tourist destinations around the world.  Europeans are increasingly selecting Scandinavian countries such as Norway which offer serene environment and like culture. 

One of the other concerns that this British man had was that he was going to have to wait four weeks for a consultation with a specialist in Britain.  Upon contacting Scanhealth Scandinavia, he was able to book his trip in a couple of days, see a specialist, and have the surgery that same day. 

Another woman from Wales needed an MRI and was told she would have to wait 18 months.  She contacted Scanhealth Scandinavia and was able to go immediately to Norway to get the same procedure.  They promised that they would do the surgery, if needed, the same day.  She fortunately did not need surgery for her shoulder.  The price tag?  It would have cost 325 pounds for the procedure would have had to wait for over a year to receive.  Her trip to Norway including the procedure was only 500 pounds.  One of the benefits for her was that Norway was so much like Wales that it was like being home.  

This same testimonial is echoed by a couple that are receiving fertility treatments in Norway for less than they would in Britain.  They stated that it was nice to get treatment right away, for less money, and it was comforting that they were being treated by people who spoke English as they did.  

The testimonials about the wonderful care and comfort people found in Scandinavia are overwhelming.  If you are interested in getting medical care, you have been waiting for months to receive and get them for fraction of the cost, then log on to Placidway.com today.  PlacidWay presents you global healthcare possibilities that are comprehensive, economical, world-class, and without borders.  PlacidWay is your one stop for all of your medical tourism needs.