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Laparoscopic Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass Package in Argentina

Unable to lose weight !! Exclusive Laparoscopic Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass Package from $12,500

Invest in your life… morbid obesity is a very serious illness which threatens your life and ruins your life quality… become a new you!

Gastric bypass surgery will help reduce your weight if you have been unable to lose weight with other treatments or if obesity is causing significant health concerns.

Complete Laparoscopic Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass Package from USD $12,500

Services included in package price:

  • All pre and post surgery consultations
  • Medical fees
  • Hospitalization as many nights as you will required
  • Clinic expenses
  • Cardiologist on surgery room
  • Anesthesia
  • Bilingual assistant
  • Cell phone to reach the staff without charge
  • Transfers to medical appointments
  • Round trip from the airport
  • Check up prior surgery with EKG, complete blood work, risk assessment and pre-surgical evaluation
  • Psychological evaluation prior surgery
  • Nutritional evaluation prior surgery and after surgery
  • All pre surgical exams required prior surgery according to your medical records and current health situation
  • Private clinic with your private room and nurse during your stay

Our price does not include accommodation. We can make appropriate arrangement for you based on your specific needs.

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*Please note: Surgery prices quoted are for planning purposes only to assist you in budgeting. These prices are for standard, non-complicated cases. Actual prices cannot be accurately provided until you have been thoroughly examined by the surgeon.

Obesity: A Growing Problem

by PlacidWay

Obesity: A Growing Problem

Obesity is a growing problem in the U.S. Not only does obesity cause a multitude of health and medical problems, it’s costing billions of dollars in rising healthcare costs. According to the CDC, costs associated with healthcare caused by obesity have reached alarming rates. In the past twenty years, obesity has risen nearly 30% throughout the country.

What is Overweight?
Health care providers determine whether a person is overweight or obese by taking a look at an individual’s BMI (Body Mass Index). How is this BMI calculated? Basically, the BMI is calculated by age, gender, height and weight. Using a CDC reference chart for example:


Weight Range







124 pounds or less

Below 18.5


125 to 168

18.5 to 24.9

Healthy weight

169 to 202

25.0 to 29.9


203 pounds or more

30.0 or higher


How do you calculate the BMI?

A body mass index table will assess your height and weight to give you a rough idea of what your body mass index reading is. If you want to calculate it yourself, here’s the formula:

 BMI = (weight in pounds x 703) / height in inches squared

So, for example, a person weighs 185 pound and stands 5’9” (69 inches – 4761 inches squared). 185 x 703 = 130055. Divide by 4761 and you get 27.31674. Round off to 27.31. Look at the chart. This person falls in the ‘Overweight’ category.

Now, keep in mind that the BMI is just an average. There are different BMIs for children, teens and adults. The BMI can’t assess genetic or heredity information, environment, or metabolism. It’s used as a guide to help individuals track and maintain healthy weight averages.

How Did We Get Here?
Most obesity in the first decade of the 21st century is blamed on socioeconomic changes in our environment. With a fast food restaurant on every corner that offers, fast, convenient foods and drinks, eating a well balanced and nutritiously prepared meal at home is considered almost boring these days.
Unfortunately, such fast food is loaded with sugar and high-fat content. Coupled with decreasing amounts of exercise, it’s hardly surprising that Americans have created bulging bellies and jiggling read ends. What’s worse, the fat is killing us.

High cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes are afflicting younger people than ever before. Obesity holds the dubious recognition of being ranked among one of the highest causes of death-related illnesses and disease processes, including complications stemming from heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Help is Out There
Individuals who find themselves chronically or morbidly obese can get help. Today, numerous surgeries and procedures provide a variety of treatments that may help a person retain healthy weight and physical conditioning. Such procedures include but are not limited to:

  • Weight-Loss Medications
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Gastroplasty
  • Lap Banding
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Gastric Bypass

Dealing with Costs
Unfortunately, such procedures in the United States cost tens of thousands of dollars, and many are not covered by traditional medical or health insurance plans. Who has time to wait? That’s why more men and women in the U.S. are opting to travel abroad for bariatric surgeries that don’t require year-long waits or that will leave you in debt for the rest of your life.

The most popular destinations for obesity surgeries include but are not limited to countries such as:

Mexico Some popular gastric bypass surgery providers in Mexico include Mexicali Obesity Solutions or Almater Hospital in Mexicali, and Alejandro Aguirre Wallace in Ensinada or the Sanoviv Medical Institute on the Baja coast or The Bariatric Group from Texas offering best bariatric surgeries in Mexico.

India A favorite destination of many, Artemis Hospital and Sahara Medical in Gurgaon offers several treatments and procedures. So does Tour2india4health Consultants in Mumbai.

Latin America Facilities in Latin America offer popular gastric bypass treatments and procedures in exotic locales, such as Med Logistic Services in Colombia, Angels Abroad in Guatemala and the ever-popular GoSculptura and Dr. Marco More in Argentina

Costs of bariatric surgery abroad in such facilities such as these offer medical travelers savings between 30% to 75% over costs of same surgeries and procedures in the U.S., and without the long wait-times often required in the States.

For example, a laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure in the United States will cost roughly $30,000. In India, the cost averages about $16,500. In Mexico and South American destinations, costs may average between $9,800 and $13,000.

So what are you waiting for? Make a life-changing decision and optimize your health. You, and your body, will be glad you did.

Prevention always better than cure

by Superior A.R.T.

PGD offers a wide range of reproductive options
“Shadow is just an 11-month old boy, but a victim. He has got pneumonia and an enlarged liver and spleen. He was finally diagnosed with thalassemia. A bone marrow transplantation costing over one million baht is the most effective medical treatment to save his life.”

“Marwin is another thalassemia sufferer. He is quiet small and retarded when compared to children of the same age. He has to receive blood transfusion therapy every month to maintain his growth and developement. If not effectively managed, Marwin may die at 15 years of age.”

Thalassemia, an inherited, genetic blood disorder, is a chronic debilitating disease which can be lethal. Patients must struggle through their life in order to fight this severe disease. To live longer, they need constant treatment involving regular blood transfusions as well as regular clinical visits. Repeated blood transfusions can also cause problems of iron overload which can damage many organs such as liver, heart, skin and pancrease. Even more unfortunately, infants with Thalassemia, like shadow, may grow slowly, develop severe problems or die if they don’t receive proper treatment. Although bone marrow transplantations can offer a complete cure for patients with thalassemia major, it is not an easy task. for the best tissue match, bone marrow is donated from a brother or sister.

The dedication of parents to the health of their children is first and foremost as their children grow. In addition to physical health and development, parents always realize that social and psychological health of their children really does count. Sad to say, a life with thalassemia is an absolute nightmare for children and their families.

To tackle the root of the problem, parents who want to have a baby free of disease can take advantage of PCD, an assisted reproductive technology. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) (also known as Embryo Screening) is a form of genetic diagnosis performed prior to implantation. It is a reasonable choice for couples at risk of transmitting hereditary genetic diseases to their children. PGD allows scientists to choose unaffected embryos and transfer them to a woman undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF).

PGD is very powerful and can be beneficial to many couples. It can be applies in many different circumstances to serve the needs of individual couples that are at risk of conceiving genetically abnormal children. Superior A.R.T., one of the leading providers of PGD in Southeast Asia, offers comprehensive PDG option to interested couples.

Superior A.R.T. also offers PGD to couples who have identifiable genetic disorders, including thalassemia, breast cancer and many more. We believe that it would be less upsetting to discard an abnormal embryo before implantation, rather than go through early pregnancy and make the difficult decision whether to continue with an abnormal pregnancy or abort it. In those couples with a complete analysis of their genetic defects, Superior A.R.T. can test for such abnormalities in their embryos in order to prevent those undesirable genetic abnormalities. A search among family members for a bone marrow donor that can provide HLA matching stem cells may enable you to use PGD to bring a child into the world (this topic will be continued in the next article).

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Exclusive Hungarian Dental Package – Full Mouth Reconstruction

Everyone is looking for THE PERFECT SMILE in order to be more self assured and therefore be more successful in private or professional life. Prudent Hunagry can give this for our patients during a one week stay by our clinic in Hungary, Mosonmagyarovar.

While undergoing the treatment there are great pastime possibilities to feel like you are really on holiday.

Our small town has very good opportunities for relaxation with a spa and thermal bath, you can swim in indoor or outdoor pools, or sit and relax in medical spa water, enjoying massage or cosmetic beauty treatments as well as local museums with interesting collections.

For those who love sightseeing you can reach three major European capital cities in about one hour – Vienna, Bratislava or Budapest, they all offer a variety of cultural programmes and entertainment options.

The outdoor types of people can also find enjoyable possibilities to spend their free time, there are biking trails, running trails, places for horseback riding, water sports and gyms.

Our offer includes:

  • Flight arrangements (Flight arranged from Prudent Hungary if requested)
  • Consultation
  • Preexamination and proposal of best possible treatments
  • Dental treatment
  • One week accommodation, (with full board if requested)
  • Transfers related to arrival/departure and all the rides related to surgery and check ups

To learn more about the Best Dentists in Hungary and full dental package details visit PlacidWay.com

Bypass That Saved His Life – National Heart Centre Singapore

Five years ago, Indonesian Goenawan Endro started experiencing tightness at his chest area and chest pain. Visits to the doctor in his hometown Surabaya revealed that he had a heart problem. He was prescribed medication, told to stop smoking and was recommended to go for a balloon angioplasty. Mr Goenawan took all but the advice to go for the angioplasty as he felt that his medication was enough for him. He was also apprehensive of the complications that may arise from the procedure. He had since changed doctors three times.

In end 2005, Mr Goenawan’s symptoms took a turn for the worse and he suffered a heart attack. The doctor Mr Goenawan saw after his heart attack suggested that he should go through the angioplasty for his own good. This time round, Mr Goenawan complied. “Dr Irwan is very patient, he is unlike my previous doctors who only instructed me to go for the angioplasty without being able to tell me exactly why I needed to do it. This doctor explained my condition in detail and the need to go for the procedure. After 2 to 3 visits, I was finally convinced to go for the procedure,” said Mr Goenawan.

The angioplasty revealed that Mr Goenawan had very serious blockages in his arteries – total blockage on his left side and 20 to 30% on his right. Given the results, Dr Irwan advised him to go for a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG). Dr Irwan provided him with the choice of undergoing treatment locally, in Indonesia or in Singapore. He was informed that the National Heart Centre of Singapore (NHC) offered a comprehensive and affordable package that suited his needs. Mr Goenawan finally decided on Singapore after strong recommendations from friends and relatives.

Arrangements were made with a Global Patient Services Officer at the National Heart Centre and the family took a flight over to Singapore. At the National Heart Centre, the cardiothoracic surgeons performed a successful CABG on Mr Goenawan. Post-operation, he was warded for observation for 6 days.

Visibly happy with the success of his operation and positive experience at the National Heart Centre, Mr Goenawan gave two thumbs-up to the staff of the National Heart Centre, “The service quality is very good, we felt welcomed and I was well taken care of. The nurses, especially those in the intensive care unit, were professional and kind. My doctor-in-charge, Dr Sin, was very informative and professional as well. I also did not have much problems communicating with him because he could speak Bahasa Indonesia.”

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All Inclusive, Affordable Liposuction Cancun Vacation

Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery designed to help remove excess fat deposits from certain areas of the body. Women are more apt to consider liposuction than men, as it helps to improve proportion, body contours, and most importantly, self-image and confidence. Liposuction is also known as lipoplasty and can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Who Benefits from Liposuction?
Many people, especially those heading toward middle-age, benefit from liposuction treatments that help to rid the body of excess pockets of fat that accumulate around the hips, abdomen, arms and buttocks. Rather than being used as a weight control or fitness method, liposuction addresses genetic traits toward excess fat deposits, and is often combined with other plastic surgery techniques such as a tummy tuck, breast reduction, or facelift procedures.

Patients considering liposuction should be aware that it is not considered a treatment for obesity or as a replacement for nutritious diets and adequate exercise. Liposuction will not remove cellulite or saggy skin. For optimal success of liposuction procedures, the best candidates are healthy men and women who are in generally good physical condition, and especially those within 30% of their ideal weight. Individuals who suffer from medical conditions or life-threatening illnesses are not good candidates for this procedure. 

Perfection | All Inclusive Liposuction Cancún Vacation

Liposuction is one of the most convenient ways of getting rid of that extra fat… improves your body contours and enhances your self image!

Come to Cancun and reduce your localized fat deposits at thighs, hips & buttocks, abdomen & waist, upper arms, back, inner knee, chest area, face, calves & ankles…. 

Complete Liposuction Package: 3 to 4 Area USD $3500 (1 to 2 small areas Liposuction USD $2500)

Package price includes:
• The surgical procedure
• Stay in clinic (limited)
• 4 nights in a hotel next to clinic
• Completed haematology tests analysis
• Anesthetist fees
• Pre & post operative consultations
• Airport transfers & transportation
• Personal bilingual assistant

Bring a friend with you and get additional discounts on accommodation and treatment packages.

Please click here to request additional information about Liposuction Special Offer

*Please note: Surgery prices quoted are for planning purposes only to assist you in budgeting. These prices are for standard, non-complicated cases. Actual prices cannot be accurately provided until you have been thoroughly examined by the surgeon.

Upcoming Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has enjoyed a long and illustrious history not only in the United States but also around the world. Recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released results surrounding the rising numbers of individuals choosing cosmetic surgical procedures since the year 2000. Everything from breast lifts to Botox to tummy tucks, cosmetic surgical procedures are growing in popularity around the world. Medical tourists are able to enjoy a wide selection of minimally invasive, surgical, and reconstructive cosmetic surgical procedures in the future as trends continue to attract the attention of baby boomers, all socioeconomic demographics and genders both domestically and abroad.

Top Five Cosmetic Surgical Procedures
While techniques and methods used in a variety of cosmetic procedures are continually advancing, 2008 saw a large increase in injectable and noninvasive treatments such as Botox, as well as breast augmentation procedures. Studies have shown that over 10 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed in the year 2005 alone, a nearly 40% increase since the turn of the new century. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the global market now exceeds $30 billion, with a sustainable compound annual growth rate in the range of 25%.

According to recent statistics, the top trends in cosmetic surgery include:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Dermabrasion
  • Tummy tuck
  • Botox treatments
  • Laser skin resurfacing

Who Is Having Plastic Surgery?
The trend seems to be showing a desire to minimalize and reduce the effects of aging, and this desire does not seem to be limited to baby boomers. Individuals as young as 25 and 30 years old are engaging in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as Botox and laser skin resurfacing as well as dermabrasion.

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