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Great Prices and Great Service at Wellness Dental

by PlacidWay | Wellness Dental Group

Tina found that it became increasingly difficult to find affordable dental providers in her neighborhood of northern California and started looking elsewhere. “When it became clear that my dental issues were too expensive to resolve in the United States, I started researching possibilities for dental care a outside of the states. I ended up choosing Costa Rica because of the fact that it is known to be one of the more stable countries in Central America. In one of my searches on the Internet, I came across Wellness Dental Group and started learning about Dr. Barquero’s qualifications.”

Tina is among a growing number of individuals accessing the Internet for affordable, experienced and effective dental and health care abroad. PlacidWay, an international medical provider and medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado, offers information and resources to such customers. “We’re happy to be able to provide resources and information regarding treatments, procedures, and accredited facilities offering expert, experienced and affordable dental care,” says Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay.

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