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All Inclusive Plastic Surgery In Mexico

With plastic surgery package tailored according to your needs enjoy perfect medical tourism in Mexico.
Thanks to minimally invasive procedures your recovery will be quick, and by the time you will get back home you will  look and feel a new person.

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Azerbajian Citizens Seek Medical Care With Their Neighbor

by PlacidWay | Medical Tourism Turkey

Azerbajian citizens are increasingly choosing medical care in nearby Turkey, a country becoming increasingly known for its innovative, experienced and world-class health care.  According to the National Institutes of Health, Azerbajian has suffered from an inefficient medical health care system, poor financing and equipment and adequately trained medical staff when it comes to offering universal access to health care, offering free care provided by governmental support. Unfortunately, such an approach to medical care in this region of the former Soviet Union has fallen behind its neighbors in providing innovative, accredited, and experienced healthcare.

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Healthcare Tourism Congress 2010 Announces Keynote Address and Official Opening by Y.B. Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Health Minister, Malaysia

by Knowledge Group of Companies

The Healthcare Tourism Congress 2010 announces keynote address by Y.B. Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Health Minister Malaysia.

The highlight of this 2-day conference and exhibition is the presence of the Health Minister Y.B. Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai. Besides officiating the conference, he will deliver a keynote address that will highlight the official launch of Malaysia Healthcare Tourism Council (MHTC) and its role in developing the healthcare tourism industry in Malaysia.

Now, with the presence and support of MHTC and Ministry of Health, the congress will see better exposure and highlight through the press and media.

The purpose of the congress is to facilitate networking opportunities for industry professionals and interested members of the public and to provide a forum for organisations and institutions to collaborate and create new global healthcare system.

This congress will be driven by an integrated marketing campaign, with media advertisements forming the crux of the plan, attracting professionals with a passion for the industry.

For more information regarding the exhibition please visit http://www.htcongress.com  or call +60321701588.

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Medical Tourism in Mexico: Cross-Border Options

by PlacidWay
Medical tourism is being taken seriously these days, as is evidenced by the massive numbers of individuals traveling across borders to seek quality, safe and effective medical care and treatment. In the past, medical tourism was considered a risky business, but in the early years of the 21st century, has grown into a world-class, certified and accredited option for many medical consumers.

Rising health care costs in Canada and the United States have prompted individuals to travel across the southern border of the U.S. intp Mexico to enjoy and reap the benefits of experienced, educated and world-class surgeons, procedures and technologies.

What Can You Get in Mexico?
Medical tourism in Mexico offers individuals treatments in nearly every medical field, from cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures to the latest in dental technologies, obesity and weight loss treatments and procedures, to stem cell research to cancer therapies.

Mexico has become one of the most popular medical tourist destinations for many Americans and Canadians, long boasting a reputation for providing a wealth of services at half the cost in other countries such as dental care, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, hip replacement and more, and medical travelers can anticipate saving up to 50% on medical procedure costs in Mexico without the lengthy wait times for appointments or surgery elsewhere.

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PlacidWay: Your Resource for Global Health Care

by PlacidWay

PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado is the ultimate health and wellness tourism industry resource.

“We strive to offer consumers the best resources and information on medical providers in international destinations to help consumers make effective, affordable and safe choices regarding Health Care,” says Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay.

Personal Health Care is all about choices. Whether you’re looking for elective procedures, surgery abroad, alternative medicine or health and wellness programs and retreats, PlacidWay dedicates their efforts to providing accurate data, procedure costs and information regarding physicians, surgeons and healthcare facilities around the globe.

Enjoy savings of between 30% and 75% for the same procedures offered in the United States and decreased wait times when traveling for health care abroad. Lower cost doesn’t mean lower quality or qualifications. On the contrary, rents, malpractice insurance premiums and licensing fees are lower in other countries, offering consumers affordable healthcare in accredited and certified facilities.

PlacidWay meets the needs of consumers looking for, expecting technologically advanced healthcare infrastructures combined with the benefits of a vacation. We specialize in medical tourism packages to provide the best medical treatment abroad for all health care needs.

Growing numbers of foreign medical providers are accredited by the Joint Commission International and ISO organizations, and adhere to guidelines designed by the WHO World Alliance For Patient Safety Standards.

Explore the world of medical options, facilities and treatments at the click of a mouse. For free information on global healthcare options, specialists, services and health care provider facilities around the globe, visit PlacidWay for in-depth profiles of medical treatments and procedures, center facilities and medical staff from the comfort of home or office.

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Patient Safety and Medical Tourism

by PlacidWay

The common question asked about medical tourism is whether or not it’s safe. What is patient safety? How does one gauge whether or not policies, procedures and techniques offered in a variety of medical fields are safe? Even more perplexing, how is patient safety defined in different countries?

The Joint Commission Perspective On Patient Safety
The Joint Commission is a hospital and medical facility accreditation organization based in the United States.  The Joint Commission International is similar and focused on providing quality care and safety for medical practices around the world. A facility accredited by the Joint Commission International is one that:

  • Measures up to quality benchmarked standards
  • Employs risk reduction strategies
  • Offers procedures and techniques and treatments in all world regions
  • Is focused on patient safety standards

The Joint Commission International creates International Standards for Hospitals, International Clinical Lab Standards, International Standards For Care Continuum’s or providing quality care across multiple settings such as private homes, long-term care, rehabilitation, assisted living and end of life care, as well as International Standards For Medical Transport Organizations.

The Joint Commission International is client focused and provides guidelines regarding patient safety in domestic and foreign destinations. The basic focus of the Joint Commission’s Perspectives on Patient Safety is to teach and instruct healthcare organizations how to reduce and prevent errors and to continuously follow standards of quality and efficient patient care.

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The Fedasz Dental Clinic

High quality cosmetic dentistry, implants, porcelain crowns & bridges

The Fedasz Dental Clinic Budapest carry out a full range of affordable cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, crowns and bridgework, dentures, inlays, root canal treatments, tooth whitening, dental hygienic treatment with the highest quality and more, since 1995.

At our state-of-the-art equipped dental clinic, you can find all technical equipment like comfortable multifunctional chairs, fiber-optic instruments, soft laser for the healing of the ‘mucous membrane’, panorama X-ray and conscious sedation equipment to help our specialists in their work and to take care of our patients’ comfort.

A digital X-ray diagnostic system and oscular (oral) video camera are at the disposal of our dentists for consultation and preventive examinations, during treatment as well as for control check-ups. If you like, you can see your dental status on the monitor!

The Fedasz Dental Clinic Budapest carry out a full range of affordable

* cosmetic dentistry
* dental implants
* crowns and bridgework
* dentures
* inlays
* root canal treatments
* tooth whitening
* dental hygienic treatment with the highest quality
* And More…

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Tourmedical Cosmetic Dental Holidays

Your cosmetic dentist in Turkey

Tourmedical Cosmetic Dental Holidays is Turkey’s leading cosmetic dentistry clinic in Kusadasi since 2001. We perform all kind of cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. Our goal is to provide a much higher quality dental service in a very modern relaxed atmosphere with up to 80 % cheaper prices.

We work only on a VIP basis. Each client gets a personal accompaniment during the whole treatment. Our service includes a free pick up on every apointment from your hotel to our clinic and back. All our treatments we provide in our own clinics mainly in Kusadasi and some in Bodrum.

Our dental team consists of certified cosmetic dentists, orthodontists and dental surgeons with very good reputations. We are mostly spezialized in cosmetic dentistry such as hollywood smile’s, dental makeover’s and implant dentistry. We only use the best and newest trademarks products in our clinic and laboratory.  All treatments are done in the time that you wish.

We do not have a waiting list. So even when you arrive tomorrow morning we can help you immediately. Our staff is multi lingual and speaks English, German, Dutch and Turkish. Because we work in this way you will have more time between the treatments to enjoy your stay in hospitable Turkey

We offer a wide range of dental treatments like

* Laminate veneers
* Lumineers
* Zirconuim crowns
* Jacket crowns
* Porcelain crowns
* Inlay & Onlay
* Bonding
* Composite fillings
* Professional Lazer Whitening
* Dental Implants

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Light in sight

by Neerja Singh | Destinations of the World News

In late July this year, Swiss Reinsurance company, one of the world’s largest reinsuring companies, tied up with World Medassist, a US-based medical tourism company to provide employers with the option to save on medical bills by sending employees abroad for treatment. Swiss Re is one of the nation’s largest corporate insurers, and services federal employees and large national companies.

It is the first time a major insurance company in the US has deigned to acknowledge a trend that the medical fraternity largely sniggers at. Ken Erickson, CEO of US-based Global Choice Healthcare says: “This medical tourism thing is nothing. It’s not happening. People who don’t have insurance are travelling abroad for treatment, but there is no large movement, no corporation is involved. It’s either recreation or desperation. It doesn’t count for anything.”

Sniggers and jibes aside, the fact remains that over 50 million people in the US are without insurance, and the issue is emotional enough to form a large part of the electoral agenda for both parties as the US goes to the polls in November. The irony is, the poorest who are living on state welfare are taken care of by Medicaid. Of those remaining, the luckier ones work in companies that shoulder the cost of paying the insurance premium, an average of US$5,900 per annum for a family of four. Those whose employers do not provide this facility either choose to go without insurance because they believe they are healthy, or sometimes just cannot afford it. Also, older people over 55 do not receive insurance even if they have the money. It is these two groups that make up the target market for medical tourism operators.

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Baby Boomers and the Health and Wellness Tourism Industry

Much attention has been fixed on the potential needs of the “baby boomer generation” which will be reaching its maturity in about the year 2013. Baby boomers are those described as having been born between 1946 and 1964, considered to be the largest generation in decades. Healthcare providers around the world concerned about the ability of current healthcare systems to take care of their medical needs.

Baby boomers are likely to face a multitude of health and medical issues, the most common including:

  • Orthopedic – hip and knee problems
  • Obesity – weight related conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and stroke
  • Preventive care and maintenance – cancer screening, mammograms, diagnostic testing
  • Anti aging issues – cosmetic and plastic surgery, anti aging and aging maintenance
  • Mental health – stress management, depression
  • Cardiac care

Health Care Providers Face Growing Demands

Baby boomers are naturally concerned about the availability of healthcare services in the future.  Rising healthcare costs, longer wait times, higher deductibles, and an increasing number of physicians hesitant to add new patients to their already overburdened patient rosters leave many seniors facing a health care dilemma. Health care providers are already overwhelmed by the demands of today’s consumers, and face shortages in nursing, general practice physicians and service providers not only in the United States, but around the world.

Large parts of elderly populations around the world don’t seek medical care because they are either uncovered by medical insurance or there and not enough service providers to provide for their growing and sometimes complex needs. However, the health and wellness tourism industry is an option available to seniors today and well into the future.

Health and Wellness Tourism

Health and wellness tourism is a growing trend in the medical and health care industry, as it offers individuals choices and options regarding quality and affordable care in a variety of international destinations around the world.

International medical care has become nearly synonymous with vacation travel to many state-of- the-art, world-class, and famous tourist destinations around the world. Formerly limited traditional medical destinations such as India, Thailand and Singapore have blossomed with growth in the 21st century  with newer, high-tech, and world-class facilities located in destinations from the Ukraine, Turkey, and Jordan, to South Africa, the Mediterranean, Switzerland, South America, and new Asian destinations such as South Korea, Japan, and Malaysia.

Big Savings

Baby boomers traveling to international destinations may save tens of thousands of dollars on the same treatments performed in the U.S., Canada and Britain, while it the same time receiving state of the art, high-tech and qualified care. For example, single heart bypass surgery, depending on severity, may cost an average of $25,000 to 40,000 dollars in the United States, while an individual traveling to destinations such as India may receive such care for approximately $10,000.  A knee replacement in the United States may cost 35,000 to $40,000 per knee, while knee replacement surgeries and procedures in destinations such as Costa Rica, charge 1/4 to 1/2 same price, all the while providing certified, accredited, state of the art equipment and experienced and highly trained surgeons, and high-tech facilities.

As baby boomers face retirement and increasing health costs, they’re looking for affordable and timely healthcare options. Nearly 150,000 Americans traveled abroad in 2007 for international medical care, and numbers drastically increased throughout 2008 and 2009. According to the Medical Tourism Association, an estimated 23 million Americans alone will travel overseas for their medical care by the year 2017, with expenditures of nearly $80 billion dollars. The numbers of Britons, Canadians, and Middle Eastern citizens of countries such as Iran and Iraq, as well as Afrikaans, are seeking international medical destinations in Turkey, the Ukraine, India, and Thailand for affordable and quality medical care.

Anticipating a dilemma and growing dissatisfaction by consumers in the ability to provide adequate and quality health care to millions of aging Americans, a growing number of health insurance companies in the United States are offering Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP) and benefits enabling policyholders to travel to foreign destinations for their medical care in the hopes of relieving the burden on domestic health care. Medical tourism is the wave of the future, and the health and wellness tourism industry is able to meet the challenges of growing numbers of seniors seeking medical care in a multitude of fields.

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